Soul Eater 02

31 05 2008

“Serious match with no tricks, this is the way we assasins do it.”
–Black Star

The show begins with a sky blue-haired boy jumping down from Shibusen’s top. A taller girl can be seen clapping.

Fast-forward to Al Capone in his mansion. Alcapone and his masked goons are eating human souls as if it’s the most natural thing to do. Black Star, the blue-haired shrimp, remarks that two verus a hundred is just his style. Tsubaki, his weapon, cautions him. Black Star does otherwise and shows himself in the middle of Al Capone’s table and only manages to escape the gunshots by using Tsubaki as a smoke bomb. Near the docks, Black Star boasts of how big (famous/powerful/ego) he is. Tsubaki mentions that she hasn’t even collected a single demon soul.

Back in Shibusen, Tsubaki’s subtly dragging Black Star to get an easier misson. Maka and Soul greets and asks them about their progress. Maka and Soul doesn’t even want to discuss theirs. Anyway, Shinigami calls Black Star and Tsubaki and informs them that Al Capone’s going to eat a witch’s soul and forge a Death Scythe of his own.

Meanwhile, Al Capone is stopped by a swordsman who obviously guards the witch. Black Star, pissed by Tsubaki’s remarks, peeps at her while she’s bathing. He gets whacked in the head as a result. Anyway, they quickly go into their mission.

They arrive at Angels the witch’s castle only to see hundred os demon eggs. The swordsman, Mifune, obviously defeated them. Black Star gets pissed at Mifune since he thinks he’s so big so he tries defeating him. Even though Tsubaki is an extremely great weapon, Black Star jeopardizes everything because of his loud mouth. Black Star gets real serious this time. Mifune notices that he’s enemy’s Tsubaki quite late, earning him a very deadly blow from Black Star. Angela (a tiny witch) swoops down on her broom and tries protecting Mifune. Even though he has the chance, Black Star doesn’t kill the witch.

Shinigami comments later on that they could’ve cheated and stolen those “free” demon eggs. Black Star disagrees since he’s not that low. Anyway, he uses his assasination techniques to peep at the hot springs again. He gets whacked, again.

The episode ends with a preview of the next prologue.


I’m not very impressed with Black Star. I mean, sure, he can fight without the use of any weapon but he’s too loud. He loses every chance because he can’t wait to announce how BIG he is. Tsubaki’s an extremely adaptable weapon since she can transform into many ninja items. A swiss army knife at its coolest.


Soul Eater 01

31 05 2008

“But the form or shape isn’t the problem. The only thing that matters is the soul!”
–Soul Eater

A demon slays a woman and eats its soul (blue). Another woman sees the demon and runs for her life. Fortunately for the second woman, Maka, a weapon meister, and his weapon, Soul Eater, arrives. Soul describes the demon as a human soul who goes astray from the way of humans. Soul changes into a scythe as Maka battles out the demon called Jack the Ripper. The duel ends in midair when Maka slashes through the demon. The demon’s body transforms into a red soul (a demon egg) and Soul eats it. Maka praises Soul because they’ve collected 99 souls and if Soul eats a witch’s soul, he’ll become Shinigami’s weapon, Death Scythe.

Maka calls Shinigami via breathing on a window and writng the numbers 42-42-564 (Jap translation: Die, Die, Kill). Maka reports their current situation. The current Death Scythe, Maka’s father, tells Soul to not lay a finger on Maka or he’ll die. Death Scythe contradicts this afterwards. Shinigami tells them the consequence if the last soul they eat isn’t a witch’s.

Anyway, Blair the Witch’s taking a bath in her pumpkin house when Soul breaks and enters. He get a nosebleed. Maka asks him to transform and transform he does. Blair asks Maka to give her the scythe before blasting them out ala Team Rocket.

Inside the Cabaret, the two girls entertaining Death Scythe talk about his coming divorce and pathetic relationship with his daughter. This leaves Death Scythe sad so he runs away, but comes back to pay. And he runs away again.

Maka and Soul return to the witch’s house two more times and gets their asses blasted. They manage to hold off Blair in the fourth round until Blair gives them her ultimatum that Soul can be her scythe and she’ll fogive what Soul will ever do. This leaves Maka in a neat mess since Soul doesn’t even cooperate with her after Blair told her wish. Soul tells Maka that he’d rather have big-chest Blair as a partner than tiny-tits Maka. Maka shouts that men are the worst. A flashback of Maka’s father dating with other girls appear. Soul then transforms his right hand into a scythe aimed at Blair. Maka reaches for his hands than slashes through Blair.

Soul eats Blair’s soul then remarks after a minute that he doesn’t feel any stronger. A black cat wearing Blair’s witch hat jumps in front of them. Apparently, Blair isn’t a witch but a cat with magical powers. Shinigami confiscates the all the souls Maka and Soul have collected. The episode ends with Blair chasing the duo and the preview for the next prologue story.


This is a very neat start for the anime and I’m glad I get to see it. The movements of the characters are very fluent, and Maka’s poses with the scythe kicks ass. Blair pwning their asses three times in a row is also a win. Shinigami looks like a weirdo but who cares? He’s THE shinigami. Death Scythe’s messed up. What kind of father flirts with other women when his kid’s around?

To change or not to change

31 05 2008

I’m really thinking about this right now. Here’s the problem: I’d be getting real busy during college and I figured I won’t be able to update or fix the blog much if I stayed in a slow pace. Basically, I’m thinking of shortening the summaries of each anime episode in the sense that the readers will get the gist of the story (an example of this would be my Clannad episode 7 summary.)

In the end, it’s just a matter of quantity over quality. The overall ingedients of each episode will taste less, but you get to have more food on the table. My point is that if I do make shorter summaries (this’ll probably cut my work by at least 30%), I’d have the time to explore and document other series.

I hope all of you understand what I’m saying. So, let’s bring it on with the other series I’m planning!

Code Geass – Path of Regret

30 05 2008

Just so while we’re in the topic of Code Geass, I figured I’d put this because it’s an awesome AMV for season 1. Anyone seen it yet?

Code Geass R2 08

30 05 2008

“Who knows? Zero is not an idol but a symbol. No, he reduced himself to just a symbol.”

–Milly Ashford

Vincent drops Zero on the. Zero tells Rollo he’ll keep the promise. Gino asks a reluctant Suzaku to retreat and the Black Knight’s submarine submerges into the ocean again. Villeta instructs her lackeys not to follow the rogue Vincent. Villeta’s wishing Rolo won’t be caught or else.

Back in the submarine, the Black Knights discuss their participation in the Special Administrative Region of Japan. A lot of them are thinking of killing Zero on spot. Even Toudou. Zero appears and Kaguya practically jumps and glomps him. Zero tells Kaguya that’s he’s comforted to see her usual energy. Kaguya replies the same to Zero, and adds the topic of the S.A.R. in the conversation. Ohgi and Tamaki tell their opinions but rejects their ideas. All of them are surprised and they throw their protests. Zero silences them by asking Toudou what the Japanese are.

Various Elevens all over Area 11 have conflicting views on the matter. Ms. Romeyer instructs Nunnally to read the manuscript. She adds that Nunnally is only a governor and merely a representative of His Majesty and asks Nunnally to consult them prior to any decisions.

Back in school, Suzaku informs his friends that he will leave the school momentarily since he will be very busy. Milly’s kinda pissed since she’ll lose one slave in her garden project. Suzaku apologizes. Shirley asks Suzaku about Kallen. Lelouch butts in, saying that they should bargain with the new governor. Their friends are surprised since Lelouch and Suzaku have spoken with the new governor. Suzaku wonders if Lelouch really has forgotten his memories.

He wants to find out one thing if Lelouch has gotten his memories back though: Why did he kill Euphy? Suzaku gets an unsuspected attack from a fellow soldier and Eleven calling him a traitor. Lelouch’s geass works on Suzaku and the latter evades the man’s attack. Other soldiers come to his aid. Suzaku is thinking that before, he had desired the punishment of death, but Lelouch cast his Geass for Suzaku to “live on.”

Diethard is talking with Zero via phone is gets congratulated (flattered, actually) because of his accomplishments in the plan. Lelouch tells him that even though their tactical objectives have changed, their strategic one hasn’t. He ends the call as he drops a black pawn on the board. Rolo asks him if he’ll keep his promise. Lelouch tells him that he will protect the school and their friends. Rolo tells Lelouch that he’s helping him only because he wants to protect the academy where he has friends. Rollo tells him that they have the same tragic end if they get caught. Villeta walks in and informs “Zero” about the proceedings. Lelouch asks Villeta to address him as Lelouch lest their cover gets blown. Lelouch asks her if she wants to see Ohgi.

In the Holy Britannia Dallas Laboratory, time-skip Nina is currently examining her pet project. Kanon and Prince Schneizel drops by to pick her up. Apparently, they’ve just made peace with France. Nina tells them they should’ve conquered it instead but Schneizel tells her that every human is searching for hope and winning will crush that dream.

That night, Anya is seen blogging outside. Arthur the cat nips her. Suzaku, in traditional Japanese clothing, arrives and comments that Arthur likes Anya. Their discussion gets interrupted by an officer asking for Suzaku’s signature for the approval of capital punishment sentence to the soldier who tried to kill Suzaku early in the episode.

Inside the horse-drawn carriage, Nina gives out her report to Prince Schneizel. A flashback occurs with Nina activating a Knightmare’s bomb. It doesn’t work so Cecile hurries to grab it away. End of flashback. Nina tells the prince that she’s delivered nothing but failures ever since the first prototype. Schneizel remarks that it’s okay. He clearly trust her because she believed in Eupemia.

Suzaku hesitates to sign the paper. Since any Knight of Round signature is sufficient, Anya signs the paperwork and asks Suzaku if he’s a masochist. She tells him that he enlisted in an Area where all the citizens hate him. She tells him that he’s a hero for the Numbers and also the man who betrayed Japan. She adds that he’s Zero’s enemy, and that jelousy and hatred will kill him. Suzaku replies that he’s a sinner from the very beginning. Gino arrives to tell them Zero on the phone.

Inside the room are the three Knights of Round. Llyod, Cecile, and Romeyer’s also in there. By the way, Cecile’s in a very delectable clothing. This pisses old maid Romeyer off. In the monitor, Zero remarks that the governor isn’t around. Suzaku tells him it’s a talk between officials. Llyod asks Zero if he’s the same person as the previous Zero. Zero answers him by saying that Zero’s entity shouldn’t be measured by identity but by his actions. Gino asks Zero if the Black Knights are still going to participate in the S.A.R. Zero tells them one million people will participate. Zero, however, negotiates that his enemies should overlook him by exiling him. The group discuss Zero’s proposition.

Inside Fuji Mausoleum, Suzaku informs Nunnally that they’ve decided to exile Zero to another country. Nunnally hands Suzaku a candle with the name Euphy written on it. Suzaku lights it up and lets it float on the water. Then he notices that another candle with the name Euphemia is floating. Suzaku tells Nunnally about this. Lelouch leaves the mausoleum and meets up with Rollo. He tells him that he’s severed every connection with Area 11.

The announcer broadcasts the news on the Shizuoka Ghetto, the designated area for the S.A.R. of Japan, via helicopter. Millions of Elevens came. Gino believes that a revolt will ensue. Ohgi hides his face using a hat when he notises Villeta aka Chigusa. Zhou drops by to pick up Li via plane. Li coughs blood but asks her not to worry.

Back in the ghetto, Nunnally welcomes all the Elevens who came. The Glaston Knights try to stop Guilford from boarding a Vincent. Romeyer then announces the conditions and privelages in the S.A.R. Then, she adds that their leader, Zero will be exiled due to killing the previous governor. Zero shows up on every screen and thanks them. Suzaku tells Zero that he’ll personally move him out of the country. Zero then asks Suzaku what the Japanese are. Is it the race, the language, land, blood, or, a Suzaku points out later, the heart? Zero tells him that that’s what he thought before. That’s when gas covers the whole ghetto.

The Britannian soldiers clearly think it’s a revolt but Suzaku holds them down. Anya moves Nunnally away from the place. Zero does show up after the gas vanishes. However, there are now a million Zeros inside the ghetto. The real Zero orders the other zeroes to to abide by Nunnally’s orders and be exiled to another country. Romeyer then finds out that the Zeros plan on using the ships the Chinese Federation signed up. The Britannian soldiers are hastily looking for the real Zero.

Villeta asks the Elevens to remove their masks. Zero (possibly Tamaki) points his gun but another Zero (obviously Ohgi) stops him. Nunnally asks his bodyguards what the situation is. Anya asks her not to worry since Suzaku’s there. Romeyer and Suzaku are clearly in a debate. Guilford thinks it’s clearly a revolt. Ohgi explains that it is a non-violent method. Suzaku’s in mental turmoil since if he overlooks Zero, it means he’s forgiven him. Romeyer points a gun at a random Zero but Suzaku stops her. He orders that Zero be exiled just as promised. Suzaku asks the real Zero if he’ll be able to save all the other Zeros. He says yes and so Suzaku agrees to let the other Zeros free.

The real Zero shows his true identiy to Sayoko as he orders the other Zeros to board the ships. Ohgi bades his last goodbye to Villeta. Li comments that Zero plans to step onto their stage. Lloyd believes that no one out of the million Suzaku saved will thank the Knight. Suzaku thinks that whoever Zero is knows him too well. Lelouch secretly thanks Suzaku in the end.


This is an awesome episode since the million Zeros took me by surprise. I know it kinda reminds me of V for Vendetta. That trick is so simple yet so powerful. Lelouch must’ve geassed several factories to make those million costumes in only a couple of days. He probably planned that scenario while the Brits are attacking the Black Knights’ submarine or else he wouldn’t tell Suzaku he’s planning to participate in the Special Administrative Region of Japan. That’s clearly incredible.

I want one of those Zero costumes, even any of those with a different hue than the original. Diethard is an ass-kisser. Villeta shows that she still loves Ohgi, even if he’s a Number. And Romeyer? She’s crazy. Admit it. And phew! This seems to be my longest work as of yet. I hear there’s no episode next week. Anyone want to confirm that? My copy of the episode didn’t show any preview for the next episode so maybe it’s true.

Code Geass R2 07

30 05 2008

“It’s just painful and burdensome for you, be it Zero, the Black Knights, or Nunnally. It’d be for her sake too. If Zero disappears, Area 11 will become peaceful. You can return to being a student, brother, and grasp happiness. What’s wrong with wanting happiness? You will hurt no one. You can still pretend nothing happened if you turn back now. Don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere. I will be forever with you, brother.”
–Rolo Lamperouge

The episode begins with the Emperor declaring a speech on the whole world’s deciet. He practically turns the whole ten commandments upside down before the infamous “Hail Britannia” part.

There’s a flashback of last ep’s final moments before Lelouch wakes up in bed. Rolo’s by his side, watching over him. Rolo then tells Lelouch he seems to be having a bad dream and asks about the incident yesterday. Lelouch asks his fake brother if he said something during sleep. Apparently, he has said Nunnally’s name but Rolo lies and tells him he din’t say anything at all. Lelouch believes that Zero’s an obstacle to Nunnally’s perfect world.

Lelouch’s still pissed at the Nunnally x Suzaku pairing. The whole student council’s preparing for the field trip, making Rolo ask what Milly’s gonna bring: nets, candles, wigs, tambourines, and fireworks. They then notice Lelouch’s restlessness to which, Rivalz describes as excitement for the coming field trip. Lulu agrees. The speakers now announce that the innauguration conference of the new Area 11 governor will begin shortly so the students should go to the auditorium.

Nunnally announces her name and that she’s the 87th successor to the throne of Britannia and that she’ll assume the position of Area 11’s governor. She describes her illness, which prompts Rivalz to doubt the government. The Black Knights are obviously watching and…Minami’s blushing. Cecile is in a room with the weak Guilford. Okay, they’re in some hospital room. Nunnally sudenn;y announces that she’ll re-establish the Special Administrative Region of Japan. Outcries galore. A lot of Elevens clearly don’t trust her words. She even asks the Black Knights to participate. Rolo notices Lelouch leaving the auditorium.

Later, Nunnally asks Suzaku if what Euphy tried to accomplish wasn’t wrong. Lelouch is out on a train and sees two kids and probably their mother, looking outside. Kallen calls him from their secret headquarters but Lelouch breaks his phone and throws it away. The Black Knights agree that no Japanese will entertain the idea of entering the S.A.R. of Japan. Kaguya enters the room and asks why Zero isn’t there. She adds that Zero didn’t even send her mail while she’s in China. Tamaki says Zero’s probably flirting with others right now. Kallen tells him off but Kaguya says it’s okay since she thinks that heroes are fond of sensual pleasures and if they conside the physiology of mature men — Kallen interrupts this very exciting speech. C.C. admires how mature Kaguya is. Kaguya thanks C.C. for taking care of her husband then establishes C.C., Kallen, and herself as Zero’s “Courtesans.”

Llyod enters the hospital ward and notices Suzaku gone. Llyod sighs as he picks up a sandwhich intended for Guilford and takes a bite. Cecile asks him about the taste. Apparently, she used very exotic and unheard of ingredients in it. Lloyd quickly leaves the room.

Back in the train, Lelouch geassed all the passengers to move to another compartment so he can be alone. Rolo changes the channel on the train’s tv so that it will show Nunnally’s earlier speech. Lelouch leaves the train in shock and bumps into a man carrying Nunnally’s posters.

Suzaku is in a battle ship. He’s thinking about his discussion with Nunnally. Lelouch sees some Elevens bullying a man who can’t pay for Refrain. He orders them to do push-ups, squats, and others to howl and dance.

C.C.’s playfully tossing Zero’s mask while she talks with an invisible being whose name’s Marianne. The next morning, Rivalz and Milly are worried because Lelouch didn’t show up for the field trip. Lelouch’s in some unfinished building construction about to use Refrain. Kallen sees him and comments on how he returned to the place Zero first appeared. Then she sees the Refrain on his hand. Kallen grabs and throws it as she tells Lelouch off. Lelouch then asks her to comfort him. She slaps him when they’re about to kiss and tells him to snap out if it. She runs away then stops later on to see if he would chase after her. Rolo stops him from following then asks Lelouch to drop everything

The emperor asks Nunally why she’s volunteered to be Area 11’s governor. Anyway, back at HQ, Kallen is holding Zero’s mask, making C.C. comment that it’s heavy because the one who wears it bears the entire world on his shoulders. Then they get a message from the surrounding fleet to stop for an inspection.

Back in Ashford, Lelouch and Rolo see some fireworks. Lelouch hurries to see Milly, Rivalz, and Shirley setting the fireworks off. They explain that Lelouch will be lonely if they leave without him. This makes Lelouch emo and he remembers Suzaku’s meaning of happiness. He hides his tears as the group makes fun of him.

The Britanian fleet commences their attack on the Black Knight’s ship. However, the Black Knights have retreated into the submarine inside. They explode the tanker as their submarine drops into the ocean undetected. Suzaku orders some water mobile frames to search for them. The fleet above fire their rockets/torpedos everywhere since they can’t pinpoint where their enemy is. Minor flooding, etc, in th sub. Then they hear Zero’s voice.

He orders them to fire all their torpedos at a target. The Black Knights tell him there isn’t any enemies there but Kaguya asks them to trust Zero. Anyway, the enemies have pinpointed where their location is. Suzaku orders everyone to head to that location. The torpedos the Black Knight launched hit a large methane hydrate container on the sea floor. Bubbles erupt, capsizing the ships above water and destroying the Knightmare in the water. Luckily, Suzaku’s Lancelot is already in the air.

He spots Zero on the Golden Vincent. Zero tells him to drop his weapons because the Black Knight will participate in the re-establishment of the Special Administrative Region of Japan.


Lelouch and his emo moments are weird. Same for Suzaku and his description of happiness. And not including Lelouch x Kallen or Lelouch x Rolo pairing.

Code Geass R2 06

30 05 2008

“It kicked me.”
–Anya Earlstreim

We pick up from where we left on. On the phone right now, Nunnally’s talking with her brother, asking Lelouch if he’s her brother. Luckily, Lelouch isn’t facing Suzaku or heaven help him from “spiinzaku.” Anyway, it’s a neat trap Suzaku did — using Nunally as bait to see if Lelouch has his memory back. You see, Lelouch, brainwashed, shouldn’t remember Nunnally. Luckily, Rolo activates his geass so Lelouch hurrily talks wit his sis. He tells her that he must pretend to be a stranger right now and that he loves her. Inc*st. Anyway, once Rolo’s geass has ended, Lelouch talks with Nunnally as if he doesn’t know her, making Suzaku think that he hasn’t recovered his memories yet. Lelouch hands the phone back to Suzaku, who apologizes to Nunnally for the mistake.

Nunnally’s currently in the California base. Under the airships, the commander asks Guilford to leave since the new Area 11 Governor Nunnally will be under their protection. Lloyd and Cecil appear and apologizes for their weird punctuality. Guilford greets Llyod, who uses the Emperor’s name in vain. The commander whaziname(?) tells him off for addresing His Majesty in a queer manner. Cecil asks for forgiveness and Llyod casually asks if there’s something wrong. Anyway, Guilford asks about the “units.” Llyod tells hims they’re finished. Oh, and he also used the Second Prince’s name in vain. Whaziname sighs. Inside the airship, precisely in the garden area, Nunnally’s entertaining the thought that Lelouch and Suzaku aren’t telling her the truth.

The news broadcast that the new governor will be arriving to Area 11 tomorrow adds that they don’t know who the governor is. In other news, they discusss the Consul General’s position concerning Zero. In the Chinese Federation Capital, Luo Yang, the Empress is talking with Kaguya. Kaguya apologizes since she will be leaving soon.

Inside the spy HQ, Lelouch ZOMG is playing with his chess set. The white pieces are scattered around a pink, origami crane, and Lelouch is stomping the black king piece near the edge of the chessboard. This analogy will be clear later on. More importantly, C.C. aks Lelouch if he’ll fight his sister. Lelouch replies that the empire is using her as a pawn. He gets angry at this so he asks about V.V. if the git is in Britannia. C.C. tells him she doesn’t know but tells hims V.V. wa Lelouch’s father’s first ally.

The scene is cut-short to Emp and V.V. inside the shrine/weapon. Their pact is to kill the Gods. V.V. asks Charles why he didn’t Nunnally about Zero’s identity and power. Charles says it isn’t necessary and prompts V.V. to call the former as young.

The three Knights of Round finally get to talk with Li. However, Li tells them the Black Knights have already left. Happy little Anya is typing everything in her portable diary. Suzaku suspects the Black Knights will attack Nunnally’s airship. True enough, they do. With land frames on hover machines.

The Black Knights’ objective is to abduct the new governor. Minami’s the first caualty. He’s lucky he has an ejection pod. The Black Knights then emit smart gas that conceals them visually and heat-sensor-wise. Anyway, their frames land on the four airships. The fighter planes perish. Anyway, the Black Knights aim at the other flying vessels. Panic take place inside the main air flag’s bridge. Zero infiltrates the main ship easily.

Outside, the Black Knights are kicking major ass. Until four mass produced Vincent on float units arrive and kicks theirs in return. Lloyd even remarks that the models where paid under Prince Schneizel’s name without the latter knowing. Back to major ass pwnage. Zero finally gets to talk with Nunally alone. Nunnally thinks that she’ll die like Eupemia and Clovis so she tells Zero that he’s wrong. Murphy’s law.

The three Knights of Rounds join the fray and Asahina’s unit gets pwned by Gino’s Tristan. An escort vessel is dropping down and about to hit the main air flag when Anya shoots it down with her Mordred’s beam canons. Suzaku inquires about the Lancelot.

Toudou kills the idiot General Apson. More importantly, Nunnally tells Zero that she volunteered for the position as givernor. Senba gets killed by Gino and Guilford corners Toudou. Nunnally continues that she will succeed Euphy’s will to establish the Special Administrative Region of Japan, which surprises Zero.

Suzaku boards Lancelot. Cecil informs him of the situation. Kallen blocks Lancelot’s weaker first shot. Her Guren’s arm gets destroyed on the second shot, making her fall into the sea. Anya destroys the remaining Buria using only one hand. Lakshata interupts Kallen’s final soliloquy by launching Guren’s aerial parts via missiles stc. The result is a new improved Guren Kashoushiki, which destroys all the Vincent clones in one shot.

Anyway, Kallen dodges Gino and Anya’s attacks and renders the two unmovable by using her wide-range attack. Kallen kicks Suzaku’s ass by using the Gefjun jets. Suzaku retreats to save Nunnally. Zero gets blown in the because of the whol Lancelot created in entering. Zero shouts out Nunnally’s name as he gets blown into Guren’s hands.


I’m amazed at Rolo since his geass is very handy. Kallen pwns three Knights of Rounds and a handful Vincent clones is a WIN. Zero shouting Nunnally’s name in the end…epic.