Clannad 06

24 05 2008

Nagisa's Mom asks Tomoya about her bread

Episode 6 is fun, considering you get to see how Fuko and Tomoya’s minds work.Tomoya's answer...

Plus points to Tomoya for speaking his mind out againts the starfish-shaped bread.

Watch for the new series, coming next month!

And to Sunohara getting hit by a giant bear (Tomoyo in disguise). Maybe I’ll try watching episode 7 later if time permits.

Kero Kero

Hey, isn’t that Kermit the frog? I’m really amazed at Fuko’s perseverance in making and handing out those starfish-shaped wood. If all the people were like her…well, we’ll probably have a better world.

Sad Fuko

Next episode: What will happen next??




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