Clannad 07

25 05 2008

I’m really crawling around here. As you can see, I’m currently editing here and there and adding bits of personality on the pages. Doesn’t seem to work though. ~

I’ve just watched Clannad episode 7 this morning and I can really associate with what Fuko’s feeling right now. Fuko doesn’t have a lot of friends before (not counting Tomoya and Co.), so her older sis used pyschological tacticts on Fuko.

The episode starts with Fuko’s sis, telling Tomoya and Nagisa she’s glad that she saw them. The duo are surprised because apparently, she can’t see Fuko. Tomoya and Nagisa convinces Ibuki-sensei to marry his boyfriend so that Fuko will be happy.

Fuko continues giving out those wood starfish and gets dragged by Tomoya into the Library to give one to the genius, Kotomi-chan. Later on, Tomoya and Fuko get into a tongue-twister battle with Tomoya winning (Fuko won’t admit it though). Sunohara interrupts the duo and recieves the wrath of Fuko’s fanclub.

Tomoya and Nagisa visits Ibuki-sensei to see if she is getting to be married. Ibuki-sensei tells them about her problem in reservation of a ceremony hall and later tells them about Fuko’s past. Nagisa cries like a baby.

The next day at the Theater Club classroom, Tomoya, Nagisa, Fuko and Sunohara brainstorm on how they can increase their starfish sales. Fuko tells her evil plot. Out of nowhere, Nagisa and Fuko get into a debate on who’s cooler: Starfish or the Big Dango Family, in which the two sing with their hearts out before coming to a conclusion that the Big Dango Family and the Starfish are both no.1. Tomoya ends the session by pulling another prank at Sunohara and Fuko.

Tomoya and Nagisa visit Ibuki-sensei again, telling her that they’ve fixed her problem: Ibuki-sensei can get married at school. Ibuki-sensie breaks it up by saying that Fuko’s condition has worsened. Later at the dorm, Sunohara tells Tomoya the weird events connected to Fuko.

Wooh! Fuko’s story’s getting more exciting.




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