Clannad 01

26 05 2008

“Just find them.”‘
— Okazaki Tomoya

The episode begins with the narrator (Tomoya) telling the viewers how he hates the city. Tomoya asks if a change will eventually come. He sees a girl on the way to school and hears her say “Anpan!” That’s sweet bean bread by the way. The girl asks Tomoya if he likes the school, adding that she really loves it. The girl mumbles more weird things. Tomoya answers her, and the dull monochromatic background suddenly lights up with cherry blossoms dropping dramatically. He then tells her to hurry if she doesn’t want to be late for school.

Tomoya arrives at the dormitory to find Sunohara being “chastised” by the rugby club members. Sunohara asks Tomoya for help but the latter declines, implying that he might get infected with the idiocy. And the club members use their devastating attacks on Sunohara as a result. They stop when the pretty landlady arrives, twirling the mop(?) like a baton.

Later, in their room, Sunohara curses at the rugby team silently. Tomoya comments on that and yells curses at the rugby club. The rugby team hears it resulting in Sunohara to panic. Sunohara explains his plot of revenge to Tomoya and asks the latter to watch his back when that happens. Ever the opportunist, Tomoya replies that he’ll stab Sunohara as well.

Fast forward to a weird old room with a girl and a different narrator.

At school, Tomoya arrives only to hear his male classmates gossiping. Ryou Fujibayashi tells him he’s late again. Tomoya comments on her speaking like a class representative, only to be rebutted weakly by Ryou, who by the way IS the class representative. The guys tease both Tomoya and Ryou. Ryou then reads Tomoya’s future but drops he pack of cards. She tells Tomoya he’ll be late resulting in Tomoya falling from his seat. Ryou explains that he’ll be late because he’ll have a romantic meeting with a girl. A girl suddenly shouts Tomoya’s name and Tomoya dodges the flying book aimed at him. Kyou interrogates Tomoya about picking on her sister. Tomoya tells her that he let Ryou tell him his fortune. Kyou [insert evil grin here] pats Tomoya then leaves the classroom.

In the corridor, while thinking of a place to eat, Tomoya overhears a bunch of students talking about a ghost that got in a car accident. He then sees th girl at the start of the episode eating alone, and he joins her. They continue their conversation from earlier, and Tomoya answers that he doesn’t like the school much. The girl explains that she’s a repeater. She tells him that she really want to join the theater club. Tomoya asks her to wave her hands at the girls looking at them. The girl does wave, but they didn’t see her.

Tomoya and the girl gets attracted to a ruckus at the soccer field where gangsters are driving their bikes. Another girl faces th gangsters and halts them. Tomoyo (the girl) kicks they’re asses like it was nothing when they didn’t heed her warning.Tomoya and the repeater discuss the other transfer student. The girl introduces herself as Furukawa Nagisa. Later, Sunohara asks Tomoya to tag along as they “harass” Tomoyo. Sunohara pulls the first punch while Tomoya remembers a rumor about a very powerful beautiful girl in the city. Sunohara drops dead after a few seconds.

Tomoya goes to the theater club room after school and sees Nagisa. They find ou that the theater club is closed because there aren’t new members. Nagisa tells him that she lives in a bakery, which Tomoya visists that night. A pretty lady tells Tomoya to try one of the bread. Tomoya wonders if she’s Nagisa’s older sis. Tomoya takes a bite and a loud cracking sound ensues because there’s a rice cracker inside the bread. Tomoya tells her the bread is a failure and the latter overreacts, cries, then flees the bakery. A guy arrives and tells him he should’ve aid the bread was good. Then the guy notices Tomoya’s school uniform.

Tomoya learns the duo are Nagisa’s parents. At this point, I was thinking if Nagisa really is the ghost the others were talking about. Anyway, Tomoya also learns how weird Nagisa’s family is. They even get into a debate about making Tomoya’s name sound “weirder” for the lack of better word.

Tomoya arrives home to see his old man drunk again. Tomoya runs away while reminiscing of the car accident his mom died from. He later stops and sees Nagisa asking him if he want to go to a better place where his wishes can come true.


The first episode is okay, to say the least. We get to see Tomoya’s future harem and such. Also, Tomoya’s antics make me lol and the indecisive Nagisa and her family is interesting. I hate the ending song, and I can’t get any sense out of the weird girl in the old room.




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