Clannad 02

26 05 2008

“If you wish, would you like me to take you to the place in this city where wishes come true?”

–Furukawa Nagisa

Continuing from last episode’s scene, Tomoya finds Nagisa reciting some magical gibberish. Really, even you will think she’s a magical person — until Nagisa tells him she’s reciting lines from a play, adding that it’s something she’d like to perform once the theater club’s back. Tomoya’s relieved. He obviously thought she’s some magical being. Tomoya asks her if she’s still up to the task of putting the theater club back and she says yes.

Another scene with the mysterious orange-haired girl in the weird old room. She’s putting various pieces of junk together while another narrator narrates. Later, we see the pieces of junk formed to make  weird mechanical doll who, amusingly, is the other narrator. The girl gives out her hand. Fade through black.

Tomoya can be seen walking on his way to school. He’s also thinking that reforming the theater club will be a good diversion for him — that is until a motorbike suddenly appears and crashes before him. Kyou, the owner of the motorbike blames Tomoya for the accident. She laughs back at Tomoya’s replies and tells him she’s not really used to driving yet. Seeing no dent on the motorbike, Kyou let Tomoya off from paying her while Tomoya cleverly replies that he’s the victim. Kyou leaves and Sunohara appears, remarking on the amount of savages in their school, and namely Tomoyo Sakagami. Tomoya remarks that Sunohara is incredibly early with Sunohara replying that it’s payback time.

Sunohara faces Tomoyo again, saying that he was out of shape last time they fought. Sunohara even tells them a lame analogy before attacking. Unfortunately, Tomoyo is a hundred times faster and stronger than him so Sunohara remained in the air due to Tomoyo’s 528 kick hits. Tomoya even accompanies Tomoyo by helping her place Sunohara into the dust chute. Tomoya asks the now stuck Sunohara if he wants to fall. She answers her own question: yes. So he pull one of Sunohara’s fingers and lets him drop all the way down. Tomoyo asks Tomoya if she went overboard and he said it’s okay. He reassures her by yelling down at Sunohara, who’s currently in the garbage dump.

Walking in the corridors, Tomoya hears the ghost-rumors again. He even butts into the conversation. He arrives in the library to see a barefooted girl trying to desecrate a book with a pair of scissors. Tomoya stops her and notices the titles of the books on the floor surrounding the girl. The girl takes out her bento and offers him some. Tomoya tells her off but still takes some, adding that the food is good. Tomoya leaves the library while figuring out if she’s the ghost girl they’ve been talking about.

The truth is that she isn’t, as Tomoya later finds out from Ryou. The Library girl is no other than Ichinose Kotomi, the genius girl. Tomoya changes the topic and tries telling Ryou about her sister and her bike — he only managed to say “bi” from bike — when Kyou interrupts the discussion and sends another flying book at Tomoya (who ducks). Kyou pulls him out of the classroom and tells him to literally shut up since bikes are prohibited in school. Tomoya returns to his classroom where Ryou asks him to continue what he was supposed to say. As perfect revenge, he yells at everyone in the room that Kyou Fujibayashi is a “bi” (bisexual). Chaos ensues the whole class gossip like maniacs. Kyou hears this and marches into the room to abduct the culprit again. Ryou catches up with them and asks her if it’s true. Kyou tries to explain but Ryou has started crying.

Later that day, he sees Nagisa again. She’s alone with a broom so he asks her what’s the problem. Later in the club room, Tomoya instructs Nagisa in making a poster for the theater club. Tomoya commands her to add: “The cutest president on campus will be waiting.” Nagisa’s halfway through when she notices he’s making fun of her, which he usually does to everyone. Nagisa tells him he’s better suited to be the president but Tomoya tells her he isn’t interested. Tomoya asks her to make the flyer as she likes which prompts Nagisa to draw the Big Dango Family in the background because she still thinks they’re cute.

While walking through the corridor (Tomoya obviously has a lot of time on his hands), he sees a girl carving a wooden star in an empty classroom. The girl hurts herself with the knife before noticing Tomoya tanding next to her. She screams, runs, and stops by the door. Tomoya asks her if this is the art club room. The girl answers no. Tomoya asks her if what she’s doing’s art-related. Still a no. Tomoya asks her what the wooden star is. The girl goes to dreamland before she can answer. Tomoya grabs the knife, bring the girl’s unconscious state into a halt. Tomoya tells her that the blade is chipped, and its dangerous if she continued using it. The girl asks for it back many times. They enter into an argument that if she’s hand hurt, she won’t be able to have the knaifu back. Tomoya let her paw his hand. It hurt. He then asks her to give him a five. The girl imitates a basketball player before clapping Tomoya’s outstretched hand. It hurt. Tomoya leaves the classroom with the pilfered knife.

Tomoya has finally posted the last of the flyers when Sunohara sees him. He laughs because he knows Tomoya hates club activities. Sunohara leaves and Nagisa appears, who asks him if it’s true. Tomoya tells her there’s nothing to worry about. That afternoon, in his room, Tomoya is finishing the Big Dango Family imitations he’s created. His father enters, picks up the Dango stick. Tomoya goes emo and leaves the house. He sees Nagisa and gives her the Dango fakes. He then tells her that likes basketball. Nagisa, thinking this as a way to thank Tomoya, invites him to play baskeball with him the next day.

Tomoya stays with Sunohara in the dorm the whole next day. Heavy rains gushes outside and Tomoya thinks of the worst possible scenario so he borrows Sunohara’s umbrella and heads off to school. He sees Nagisa wet and calls her an idiot. She passes him the ball and Tomoya tries to shoot. The ball falls. Tomoya kneels down and tells her that his right arm never goes up because he got a fight with his old man while in middle school. The episode ends with Nagisa succumbing to tiredness and dropping down to the ground.


This story is superb because we get to see Tomoya’s painful side. As a sidenote, his harem cast is completed. However, nobody in their right mind will go out in the rain (without umbrella/raincoat) and play basketball. It’s a really dumb move on Nagisa’s part, even though she’s waiting for Tomoya.




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