Clannad 03

27 05 2008

“Maybe she’s actually a guy. Girls can’t possibly be stronger than guys! He’s cross-dressing and decieving the world! Tomorrow, I’ll prove to you he’s a guy!”
–Youhei Sunohara

The show begins with the weird robot/doll hybrid explaining its existence. It stretches its arms to reach the girl’s. The girl cajoles the doll to go to her (as if the doll’s some sort of living pet), but the doll falls down. They repeat the routine and the doll succeeds. The girl hugs it.

Tomoya hangs around the bakery and gets to argue with Nagisa’s pops. Tomoya asks about Nagisa’s condition and the father tells him she’s okay so he should scram. Nagisa’s mom shows up and explains Nagisa’s condition. Nagisa’s pops thanks Tomoya and gives him Sanae’s (his wife’s) infamous bread as reward. The father adds that there will be leftovers anyway so…[insert ominous sound here]. Sanae cries and leaves the shop, prompting his husband to chase after her. A woman enters the shop inquiring about the bakery’s staff. Tomoya gives her the bread he got from Nagisa’s parents and she thanks him. Tomoya admires the woman’s beauty.

Walking along the street, Tomoya’s thoughts gets interrupted by a dispute of two guys. He gets dragged by the victim as a witness. Apparently, the victim’s car has a dent on it, which he explains as a result made by the construction tool of the other guy falling on it. The electrician tells the car owner to think it over since he really didn’t drop any tools on the car. Tomoya finally points out that a cat must’ve jumped down on the car, which created the dent. Soon enough, a very lumpy cat emerges from under the car. The electrician thanks Tomoya and hands him a calling card. Tomoya reads the name on the card: Yoshino Yuusuke.

Triple-fastforward to Sunohara in his dorm exclaiming that Yoshino Yuusuke’s a legendary musician who’s currently retired. Sunohara shows Tomoya a cassette of Yoshino’s music (thanks to Sunohara’s sis), in which Tomoya asks Sunohara why he hadn’t mentioned he has a little sister. While Sunohara’s back is turned, Tomoya makes a face at the cat, implying that Sunohara’s sis must look like that. Tomoya drifts into space until Sunohara badgers him. Sunohara tells him of his incrediby stupid theory that Tomoyo might actually be a guy! Tomoyo starts his introverted speech that Sunohara’s finally walking the path of perversive doom until Sunohara points out that he can hear him.

The next day, the duo meets up with Tomoyo. Sunohara explains that he isn’t going to fight her and asks her if he can borrow her razor for shaving. Tomoyo declines, saying why should she lend one to him. Sunohara hurrays like some dumb child, shouting that “he” fell for it. Tomoyo asks him what is it about and Sunohara explains that he (Tomoyo) owns a razor, therefore, he’s a guy. Tomoyo refutes the statement since it’s really dumb and faulty, and it’s really rude. So she gives her deadly hundred plus kicks and leaves.

While walking in the corridor, Tomoya sees Nagisa eating bread. She sees him and shyly waves. Fade through black. Nagisa tells Tomoya she’s glad to have found the courage to wave at him after what happened recently between them. Tomoya also apologizes. Nagisa’s tears drop on top of the bread she’s eating. Tomoya grabs the bread and casually tears the top and eats it before returning the bread to her. Enter lengthy conversation between the two. I’m lazy and I know it. They get interrupted when another student casually gropes Tomoya, prompting Tomoya to ask the wooden-star-making girl what she’s doing. The girl tells him she wants the knife back. They enter the same routine as episode two’s in which, the girl squats ridiculously from the pain. Tomoya then asks the girl to become a trainer and he a boxer. The girl closes her eyes in fright as she exclaims “One” “Two” “One” Two” continously while holding her obviously still hurt hands in front. Tomoya returns the knife prompting the girl to give him a wooden star before she leaves.

Sunohara finally wakes up in the classroom and Tomoya convinces him that he’s a hologram, and then a cyborg, and that Sunohara is the only living person remaining on earth. That’s when Tomoya notices some brown thing on the ground downstairs. The duo see a small brown pig. Sunohra catches it — until a familiar flying book hits him square in the face and gets a kick from Kyou. Tomoya innappropriately asks the fallen down Sunohara which kick is stronger: Kyou or Tomoyo. Sunohara suddenly mentions seeing something light blue and gets another kick from Kyou. The pig jumps into her arms and Kyou explains that her baby boar is her pet and must’ve come looking for her in school. Kyou tells Tomoya the boar’s name and Tomoya remarks how delectable it sounds.

Tomoyo and Nagisa discuss speeches on the open house inside a smaller library. A girl comes in and asks them what they need — but that’s after serving Tomoya some coffee of course. Later, in the theater club room, the Nagisa practices her speech while Tomoya watches and criticizes her. I wish I can do that too without sounding rude or obnoxious, which Nagisa points out that Tomoya has. After being manipulated by Tomoya, Nagisa gives out her reasons in reforming the club, in which Tomoya replies that she’s passed. Waking down, they notice that their flyers are missing — which is eventually explained when Nagisa gets a call from the student council.


All I can say is that Sunohara — you’re a f00l!!!!11 Can’t you see Tomoyo’s the real deal? I still don’t get the weird girl and the robot story mini-story. Anyone want to explain it?




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