Clannad 04

27 05 2008

“I was thinking that I was acting like a normal girl at this school.”
–Tomoyo Sakagami

Nagisa explains the problem to Tomoya. Apparently, since th theater club is closed, there shouldn’t be any club activities, therefore, the two can’t put recruitment fliers. Sunohara, unseen, hears everything.

Sunohara asks Tomoya if he’s flirting with Nagisa. To evade the question, Tomoya replies that her family runs a bakery and if he’s on her good side, he can have all the bread he wants. Afterwards, he tells Sunohara to plan his revenge on Sakagami Tomoyo.

The duo meet up with Tomoyo again. Sunohara exclaims he’s forgotten his breast (what an idiot) at home and asks Tomoyo to lend him hers, in which she defensively asks him why. [He fell for it scene again]. Sunohara believes Tomoyo’s breasts are detachable — and gets 840 kick hits in return.

As the two walk down after the predictable battle, the wooden star girl arrives, calls him and Sunohara weird, then asks the weird person to follow her. She gets surprised when he sees Sunohara following her. She calls him “Weird” hair, and Tomoya’s entire existence weird. Sunohara holds back his anger and leaves. The girl asks Tomoya if he has something to say to her in which Tomoya imitates a boxer and hits the air in front of the girl, who blocks and calls him the worst. Then she reminds him of the “present” she gave him in which he thanks her. She then explains that her older sister’s getting married soon and that he should attend it because he accepted the gift. The girl adds that her sister was an art teacher in their school three years ago and that she’s distributing the presents so that the students will celebrate her sister’s wedding. Mid-sentence in saying the “present” she gives as cute, she suddenly goes to dreamland, prompting Tomoya to stick the straw of his juice up her nose. He didn’t get to squeeze the juice out because the girl returned to reality. Tomoya explains why students won’t be able to go to her sis’ wedding but the girl still insists on working.

Later that day, Tomoya and Sunohara again harass Tomoyo, who instinctively kicks Sunohara. Sunohara asks Tomoyo to walk with him and the latter agrees. Until she finds out she’s in the men’s bathroom and she gave “all hell unleashed” on Sunohara. Furious, she tells Tomoya off (Sunohara’s offscreen by the way and probably half dead on the tree). Tomoya remarks that Sunohara thinks she’s a guy. Tomoyo’ shocked because she thinks she’s acting like a perfectly normal girls like the others.

At the clubroom, Nagisa and Tomoya discuss their current predicament. And that’s when Sunohara shows up, befriends the group, and gets killed by Nagisa’s attack. No, that’s only Tomoya’s mind at work. The three plan to abduct Ryou, who knows a lot about club rules and policies.Ryou gets surprised when she sees Nagisa. Ryou thinks Nagisa will propose to her. A whole moment of “yuriness” ensue, making Sunohara nosebleed (okay, nose-steam) — until Nagisa asks Ryou if she’ll…help her in reforming the theater club, in which Kyou falls down the door, obviously eavesdropping. Kyou headlocks both Sunohara and Tomoya, and later gets an explanation from them.

Later at the dorm, the duo talk about not becoming a member of the theater club. Tomoya subtly implies that Sunohara won’t get those delicious bread if he doesn’t help Nagisa.

Homerun! What’s this…Sunohara’s harassing Tomoyo three times in this episode! Anyway, Sunohara tries flirting with Tomoyo while under Tomoya’s assistance. And, well, a mindless slave such as Sunohara does every ridiculous thing Tomoya advices him to do. That’s when he gets kicked by Tomoyo, then chain-combo’d by Tomoya back to Tomoyo, who kicks Sunohara an additional hundred times. Tomoya tries inviting her to the theater club but she declines the offer.

Later, at the library, he tries recuiting the genius, Kotomi-chan and will drop by again to hear her reply. Nagisa and Tomoya talk about the work (recruitment) they just did. That’s when Tomoya got a sudden idea. They try recruiting the “star” girl and learns her name’s Ibuki Fuko.


Fuko’s arc starts here. I’m still amazed that Sunohara got beaten thrice in this ep. He surely deserves all the beatings he recieved.




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