Clannad 05

27 05 2008

“They’re starfish.”
–Ibuki Fuko

Tomoya and Nagisa decides to talk with Ibuki sensei to confirm if the girl Fuko really is her sister. They asks Fuko to come with them but she declines the offer. Tomoya thinks that she’s suspicious and he talks about it with Nagisa on their way to Ibuki-sensei’s house. When they do arrive at her Ibuki-sensei’s home, Tomoya remembers that she’s the lady who visited the bakery the other day. He also learns that Nagisa and Ibuki-sensei know each other. Ibuki-sensei casually asks Nagisa if he’s her boyfriend, prompting the latter to be defensive and such. Amazingly, Tomoya gets to share his boring and uneventful lovelife. Nagisa gets teased, prompting her to change the topic to Ibuki-sensei’s coming marriage. The latter asks them where they heard this, adding that the only person who knows of it is her sister who’s currently in deep sleep (not dead, maybe a coma). The two tell her they heard the rumor at school. Later, Tomoya and Nagisa seriously talk about the matter. Both decide to help Fuko.

So the duo drags Fuko into Nagisa’s home and asks the parents to let Fuko stay with them. Fuko introduces herself as Isogai Fuko, using the name of Nagisa’s neighbor. Tomoya manages to hush everything up though so Nagisa’s parents agree.

Tomoya returns to his dorm only to witness a barrage of rugby players passing him. Apparently, the male populace went to peek in the girl’s dormitory. Tomoya advices the landlady to chastise the perverts via joint lock. Sunohara appears and greets Tomoya. The latter calls him a peeping tom and that’s when the landlady gives out her “divine punishment.” Back in their room, Tomoya informs Sunohara that they won’t be doing anything for the club at the moment. Instead, they will be focusing thir attention on the “ghost” girl.Tomoya returns to the bakery the next morning to find it deserted. Tomoya climbs up the stairs and sees Nagisa’s family working on the table. Wooden stars are scattered on the floor. The parents go back to the bakery and Nagisa starts to prepare for school. Tomoya remarks that the floor looks like a starry sky. That’s when Fuko tells him they aren’t stars but starfish. Even Fuko adds that the starfish Fuko made are cute.

At school, Fuko distributes the “presents” to each student passing by. Tomoya asks her if she wants to see her sister but the latter wonders if Ibuki-sensei will hear her. That’s when she explains her present condition. They go to the “smaller” library to hand a present to Miyazawa. Tomoya gets into another argument with Fuko. Nagisa hugs Fuko and sends her to dreamland. Tomoya asks Ryou a favor — another prank aimed at Fuko. Kyou sees this and grabs Tomoya and shakes him. Fuko, on the other hand, wonders why there are many Tomoyas.

Fuko hands the Fujibayashi twins the “presents” and asks them to pose. Some weird fetish of Fuko. Tomoya silently describes Kyou as a gorilla, which results in the former getting hit with a starfish. Later, they meet one of Fuko’s former acquaintance (a third year) who rejects the present emphasizing that third years have more important priorities.

Fuko becomes sad. To cheer her up, Tomoya decides to make up a class composed of Nagisa, the Fujibayashi sisters, Sunohara, Fuko, and himself. Sanae becomes their would-be teacher. The group tries to raise Fuko’s spirit.


It’s great episode all-in-all. It’s fun seeing the whole cast trying to help Fuko. I mean, they’re like true friends, and Fuko’s not the sort who makes friends easily




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