Code Geass R2 01

28 05 2008

“From that day on, I was never satisfied in my heart. Tha fabricated everyday life didn’t make sense. The time that slipped by…a life of a sheep implanted with other memories. However, the truth continuously beckoned me. Indeed, I wasn’t the one who was at fault! The world was!”
–Lelouch Lamperouge

In the Britannian Residential Area Tokyo Settlement, a woman informs the airspace that their airship will be flying in the area. The “supposed” purpose of the flight is public advertisement, C.C., the airship’s speaker smiles wickedly. Behind her, Urabe gives out an astounding speech to lift the spirits of the remaining Black Knights.

At Ashford Academy, Viletta-sensei (P.E. teacher) chases Lelouch all over school because he needs to take remedial physical education classes. Finally cornered in the Laboratory room, Lelouch casually tips a liquid’s container resulting in it to chemically react with another liquid. Pink colored gas fill the room as Lelouch leaves Villeta. Milly throws Lelouch a bread as he runs downstairs prompting the pursuing Villeta to tell her off. Villeta jumps out of the window to land directly at her prey, only to find out that he’s Rivalz in disguise. Villeta sees Lelouch leaving the school’s premises using Rivalz’ motorbike. Shirley sighs.

Travelling through the highway, Lelouch and his brother Rollo discuss Lelouch’s school mischiefs. Lelouch inadvisably hands Rollo (the driver) a piece of bread ending with the motorbike do zigzags along the road. Lelouch apologizes before directing his thoughts to Area 11’s condition after the Black Rebellion. Rollo asks him if he’s going to college but Lelouch tells him he hasn’t decided yet. Lelouch thinks that nothing will change even if he gets ino college. They stop at an intersection as a big tv screen shows Carares (Area 11’s governor) ordering his soldiers to shoot the Elevens (Japanese). Lelouch thinks of Zero as a foolish man to even dare fight Britannia.

Carares is informed of the arrival of the Chinese delegates. In Babel tower, the Britannian Intelligence Agency continue their spying on Lelouch. They believe that the enemies will show up. Lelouch tells Rollo to go home but Rollo disagrees. Rollo asks him why he plays these illegal gambles since they don’t really need the money. Lelouch replies he just wants to play against stronger opponents, which is a lie; he just wants to kill time. They arrive in their destination: an elite gambling hall filled with rich Britannians. Below their floor, two Eleven siblings fight each other as a form of amusement to the Britannian nobles. Lelouch describes the difference between Britannians and Elevens before entering another room where a bunny girl (Kallen) spills drinks on his uniform.Kallen apologizes and wipes his clothes. She tells him his views on being an Eleven and Lelouch stops her. Kallen’s about to give him a transmitter when some Britannian guy pulls her hair and inspects her. Apparently, there’s a bunny hunting game going on. Lelouch gets pissed and challenges the guy to a chess match. Lelouch informs he knows the guy’s a famous chess player.

Outside, the airship continues floating around. In another building, the Eleven elites (former Black Knights) are being locked into their cells. Some of them enter arguments concerning Zero as a traitor. Back in the gambling hall, the Black King loses to Lelouch, prompting the former to call Lelouch a cheater. Everyone knows you can’t cheat in chess, so the Black King orders his bodyguards to create some evidence. That’s when the terrorists attack.

Kallen removes her bunny ears, punches the Black King, somersaults and kicks him straight in the face. Outside, the airship secures landing on top of Babel tower. Kallens pwns the asses of Black King’s bodyguards and pulls Lelouch with her. The Black Knight’s frames enter the building and the Intelligence Agency forms a counterattack with theirs.

In the other side of the city, Governor Carares welcomes the Chinese delegates. Gohai, a high eunuch, asks Carares if Zero’s dead. Carares it’s to early for the Chinese Federation to understand Britannia. A guard asks Li Xingke to hand over his sword. That’s when Li cuts their belts in a flash. Li apologizes and tells Carares that it’s too early for Britannians to understand the Chinese Federation.

Kallen loses Lelouch in an unknown way. The remaining Black Knights in the airship join the search group as the airship emits pink gas. Nice. Two times this ep. Inside the building, incredible traffic ensues. A terrorist frame drops down into where Lelouch is and stretches its hands, mimicking a person asking for another to take his hand. The Britannian army knightframes appear and massacre a lot of people with their bullets. Lelouch pulls Rollo away from the battle.

Kallen enters the Guren to join the combat with the key conveniently disguised as a lighter. Lelouch and Rollo hide in an unfinished part of the building. Lelouch shoves Rollo away from a gunman and falls down. Fortunately, Lelouch survives the fall and hastily climbs back to rescue Rollo. He stops on one floor only to see dead bodies littered on the floor. He even sees a dead bunny girl holding Zero’s picture. Then he notices the enemy Knightmare from before. C.C. comes out of the cockpit and tells him they’ve come for him. She says she’s an accomplice.

The Intelligence Agency shoot C.C. in the heart. Lelouch catches her body as the soldiers burn the dead bodies, and even the live ones. The Officer in command reveals that they’ve been spying on Lelouch to catch C.C. and that since their mission’s accomplished, they should kil the bait too. Lelouch asks for power to defeat them, and C.C. wakes up from the dead and kisses him, returning each and every memory of Lelouch.

Lelouch and C.C. stand up, suprising the soldiers. Lelouch’s geass power up and he orders the soldiers to kill themselves. Urabe and Kallen’s Knightmares arrive asking Lelouch for orders. Lelouch finally assumes his alter-ego, Zero.

Somewhere in Britannia, Suzaku and two other Knight of Rounds gather around the Emperor. Suzaku then gives out an oath to personally kill Zero.


Amazing episode, though having a “parallel” plot with the episode from the first season.




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