Code Geass R2 02

28 05 2008

“How did he get past the siege? I see! They used the inside of the fallen Babel Tower as a road! Then, what about the Chinese Federation? Did they negotiate this ahead of time? Impossible! It’s Zero! It’s the real one!”
— Gilbert G.P. Guilford

Outside Babel Tower, the Britannian army are discussing the sudden terrorist attack by the Black Knights. The Brit’s Sutherlands shove the Black Knights’ frames deeper into the tower. Kallen assures them they’d kiss heavy ass once Zero’s seen the tower’s blueprint. She then has a flashback of th Kaminejima Island incident in which she leaves Zero/Lelouch in the hands of the Eleven traitor Suzaku.

In the other side of the building, Lelouch glances on the page of the Intelligence Agency Commander’s notebook before having a flashback of his own. It is then revealed that Suzaku brought Lelouch before the Emperor as a bargaining chip so that Suzaku can become one of Britannia’s elite knights, the Knight of Rounds. The big bad Emperor erases Lelouch’s memory concerning Nunnally, Marianne, and Zero, with his very own geass. After the flashback, C.C. assures Lelouch she wasn’t the one who gave the latter’s father geass. Lelouch then remembers he doesn’t have a brother!

In another side of the tower, Rollo asks for assitance from the Britannian army. Lelouch’s pissed since he can’t use the Knightmare of the Intelligence group. Fortunately for him, an idiot soldier in a Sutherland appears. You know the drill. Lelouch and C.C. lovingly teases one another afterwards.

Inside the Chinese Delegation building, Governor Carares decides to join in the fun. Sadly, Guilford remains to entertain their Chinese associates. Quick battle: Kallen uses her Guren’s special move to destroy some enemy scum. Lelouch, now at the tower’s command center, directs orders to the Black Knights to attain victory. The enemy’s movable command unit stationed outside the building is in chaos. Carares enters the fray, irritated at the progress. Urabe admires Zero being a student before slicing an enemy into two with his Burai. The other Black Knight infantries use the frames captured by Zero. Dun-dun-dun. Kallen points a gun at Lelouch.

Somewhere in Britannia, the Emperor tours Suzaku temple, which the Emp calls a weapon. Back in HQ, Kallen asks if Lelouch geassed her so he can bend her to his will. Lelouch, says no and asks her if she doesn’t trust him. They enter into an agreement and maybe a little argument until C.C. calls him about Britannia’s reinforcements.

Literally a hundred of Sutherlands surround Babel Tower from the air. Carares gloats on his throne. Enemy Knightmare are on the top floors and Carare’s Command unit and army are waiting outside. Lelouch confidently tells Kallen that he’ll win. Let’s return to Carares gloating. Now he’s ordering the media’s assistance since there will be a beheading-galore. Lelouch asks C.C. if she’s finished with her tasks yet and the latter replies that it’ll be ready within ten minutes. And a LOT can happen in ten minutes. Suddenly, the Black Knights informs Zero of a rogue Knightframe before they become sushi. One of the Black Knights even gets to see the new Knightmare’s speed and power.

Urabe advises Zero to leave, adding that they’re mere pawns anyway. Lelouch corrects him though. C.C. gets annoyed at Lelouch’s worries, adding that Urabe and Kallen are there to babysit him. That’s when the golden Knightmare Lancelot-look-alike arrives and pwns Guren and the Burais with its ungodly speed. Urabe sacrifices himself so that Zero can live. The golden Knightmare, however, remains unscathed even after Urabe blew himself up. Luckily, the preperations are complete and Lelouch activates all the bombs.

The enemy units on top of the building explode like crazy and the building drops on the unsuspecting Carares. Chaos ensues at the main HQ but Guilford solves that. That’s when Zero appears on everyone’s screen and proclaims his speech. A lot of people are SHOCKED. Guilford’s officers have tracked the source of the signal. It’s in the Chinese Federation embassy. That’s when Guilford finally figures out that Zero used the fallen building as a road to the embassy.

Probably in Britannia, Gino entertains the idea that this Zero is a fake and consults Suzaku. Kallen and Li are amazed of Zero. Guilford even exclaims that this is the real Zero. Anyway, the Chinese Federation’s room becomes Japan’s first territory. Li goes outside to defend the area, until Rollo appears on the Golden Knightmare and activates his geass.


Zero’s plan is a triple win by the way. Plus, we get to see what really happened during those gaps.




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