Code Geass R2 03

28 05 2008

“Surrender to us. The outcome of this battle is clear. I cannot fire on those who throw away their weapons.”
–Kururugi Suzaku

Onscreen, Zero continues giving his speech. Outside the Chinese Federation embassy Li prevents the Britannian army from entering the premises. Rolo activates his geass but suddenly gets a call from Lelouch and Villeta. His “brother” obviously has rturned to the school safely so Rollo has no business whatsoever with the Zero currently inside the embassy.

That night, the news program broadcast shows a whole barrage of Britannian Knightmares and tanks around the embassy. Kallen watches this and congratulates Zero. The latter replies in a familiar female pizza-loving voice otakus love. C.C. removes Zero’s mask, prompting Kallen to ask her when they switched. C.C. explains that she and Lelouch switched places before the speech and also that the voice was pre-recorded, like a magic show. Kallen get’s annoyed because they didn’t tell the rest of the Black Knights. C.C. points out that Kallen’s annoyed because they didn’t tell her [enter evil smile here].

Back at school, Milly bullies Lelouch in the kitchen because Rivalz has a lack of taste and Shirley practically a worthless cook. Lelouch asks if they’re going to throw a party for the Lamperouge brothers since they’ve escaped a terrorist attack. Milly nods, adding that Shirley was so restless. The other girl takes action — by covering Milly’s mouth. It doesn’t help that Shirley’s hands are sticky from the food she was preparing. She and Rivalz even argue about Rolo’s shy personality. Lelouch wonders about the “switch” between Nunally and Rollo and how his enemies even erased his sister’s memories from the whole school.

Below Ashford exists another branch of the Intelligence Agency spying on Lelouch where Villeta and Rolo are the elite members. They discuss the probability of Lelouch recovering his memories. The whole day, Lelouch creates his plan of living a normal student life without his enemies knowing that he’s recovered his memories. Seeing Rollo, he thinks that he should begin by manipulating him.

In the other side of the world, the German State Army’s Knightmares battle it out with the Brit’s Sutherlands. The Italian army is also holding the enemy Britinnians at bay. Bam! Britannia’s white grim reaper knightmare appears, asking them to surrender peacefully. Suzaku and his newly upgraded Lancelot Conquista kicks major ass when the enemies didn’t surrender. In the battleships overlooking the battle, Schniezel asks the officers to be glad for Suzaku’s success as a Knight of Rounds.

At school, Lelouch deducts that Nina and Arthur (the cat) are missing by looking through his digital camera’s photos. Rolo interrupts him and asks how he managed to escape the tower since the army completely surrounded the building. Lelouch corrects him since Rolo should be asking how he got away from the terrorists. He tells his “fake” brother that there was an emergency escape route. Lelouch notices a heart-shaped locket tied to Rolo’s cellphone. He remembers the he gave that to him on Nunnally’s birthday as a present. Lelouch casually asks Rolo to give it back so that Lelouch can give him a manlier gift but Rolo overreacts.

Villeta and Rolo discuss Lelouch’s geass down in the sewage room when another agent overhears them. Rolo uses his own geass and “stops” time. When Villeta sees them, the man is already dead, stabbed by a knife. Rolo adds that it’s the safest and most effective method.

In the Chinese embassy, Kallen finishes her bath, sees Lelouch’s uniform and underneath that, the bunny girl costume. She intrudes on C.C. and the Chinese delegates’ talk while only wearing a towel. Gohai mistakes her as Zero and C.C. pulls a prank on them. Li greets Kallen. A messenger interrupts and tells them Guilford’s going to execute the main members of the Black Knights tomorrow. He asks Zero to duel with him.

Lelouch sees and contemplate’s Guiford’s strategy. Shirley drops by asking Lelouch for help in choosing a present for Villeta. Lelouch agrees to help her choose a wine for their teacher and Rivalz hears this.

Later, Lelouch removes the contact lens hiding his geass. C.C. has mentioned that it’s specially made for him. He puts it back then starts leaving. However, Rolo is standing between him and the main door. Lelouch explains Shirley’s predicament. Rolo seems to understand since he himself values his very first birthday. Once Lelouch is gone, Milly and Rivalz drag Rolo to spy on Lelouch and Shirley.

At the wine store in the mall, Shirley debates herelf if it’s a date. She finally decides it’s a date. Lelouch, however has other things in mind. Obviously, he can see the trio spying on them and admires Milly fro even bringing Rolo with them. Lelouch and Shirley leaves the shop once they’ve bought the “present.”

Villeta communicates with the undercover spies in the mall. Rolo wonders if Lelouch really is Zero. Lelouch plans his counterattack while continually spying his surroundings. While alone in another shop, he uses his geass on the clerk. In a music shop, Shirley listens to a music cd while watching a couple kiss. She gets surprised when Lelouch appears asking her what she’s looking at. She desperately points at a cable car advertisement.

Lelouch then remembers the past event in which Shirley first lost her memory. Anyway, he mentions to her that the trio are spying on them and asks her to accompany him on his prank. They enter s clothing store and Lelouch enters one of the changing rooms. He’s obviously brought a disguise with him. After changing clothes inside, he pranks calls the mall about a terrorist attack.

Villeta and her group got a tip that the Black Knights will attack the mall Lelouch is. Lelouch silently leaves the shop while the mall’s employees are starting to panic. An undercover agent follows Lelouch. The geassed clerk activates the alarm sending all the people in the mall to panic and run. Rolo runs into the shop Lelouch went into and finds him gone.

There’s a state of confusion in the Intelligence HQ as they lose track of the spy Scorpion and Rolo since every communications device in the mall is jammed. Lelouch admires his own ability to create panic.

Rolo returns to the HQ in Ashford only to be cornered by Lelouch holding a gun. Lelouch finally reveals that he has regained his memory. By the way, all the members of the surveillance agency went to the mall since Scorpion’s (under geass) feeding them false information on C.C., and amazingly, C.C. is far more important than Lelouch. Lelouch has just removed his lens to geass Rolo when his prey disappears, only to point a gun at him from his back. Check.

At the Chinese embassy, trouble brews as Li points his sword against the Black Knights.


Aside from the episode being leaked earlier, the story still tried to put some surprises here and there, especially on Li, who suddenly becomes a traitor of some sort to the Black Knights. And we get to see Lelouch wear more types of clothing.




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