Code Geass R2 04

29 05 2008

“You foolish imposter who usurped Nunnally’s place…I will use you until you dry up and throw you away like a ragged cloth!”
–Lelouch Lamperouge

Flashback to a younger Rolo using his geass to stop the government people’s movement. He then takes a gun from a bodyguard and shoots them. Fastforward a couple of years, maybe a month before he becomes Lelouch’s brother, he admits in an interview that he can’t count how many people he’d killed before. It’s like brushing your teeth, or something like that. Basically, his geass’ purpose is only to assasinate people. Practically an orphan, Rolo will post as Lelouch’s brother if he has to.

Fasforward into Rolo pointing a gun at Lelouch, who asks him if his geass can stop time. Rolo shrugs the question since he has no reason to answer it. His order is to kill Lelouch if he regains his former memory as Zero. Lelouch suddenly counts at 16-18 secs, but explains that the timer on one of the monitors has gone further. He replays a video and deduces that Rolo’s ability is to stop a person’s sense of time passing by. It’s Rolo’s win. However, Lelouch manipulates Rolo by saying that he’ll lose two things if Lelouch dies. One, is to capture C.C., and the other his Future. Lelouch promises to bring C.C. to him tomorrow if Rolo will keep everything a secret at the moment.

Back in the embassy, Kallen is puzzled with the incident since they know Lelouch geassed Gaohai. Li marches into the room and Kallen reminds him that Gaohai approved United States of Japan. Li tells them he’ll kill the consulate general and blame them for it.

Lelouch, on the other hand, continues his investigaive research on Rolo. Heck, even if he kills Rolo, his enemies would know his memories have returned. Rolo’s about the enter the HQ when he hears the others bad-mouthing his methods. Rolo leaves without entering, telling himself that the mission is more important than the team.

Guilford discusses the proceeding with the remaining Glaston Knights. Back in the embassy, Kallen prepares the Guren. Rolo, after drugging the pilot of Vincent, enters it and swears that he’ll kill Lelouch if the latter lies on his promise. Li corners Gaohai and kills him when the latter shows madness.

Next day is the Black Knights’ execution. The media wonders if Zero will come. Speaking of Zero, Lelouch impersonates a messenger and uses his geass on a Glaston Knight on standby. The Elevens whine and Guilford tells them off by saying Zero will not come. He’s about to proceed with th execution when Zero appears in a pieced-together knightframe. Villeta calls her spies to see if Lelouch hasn’t left.

Zero proposes a one-on-one duel with Guilford with the two using a single weapon only. Guilford chooses a lance while Zero picks a large knightmare police shield. Todou believes Zero will commit suicide and Li gets disappointed. Zero asks Guilford a philosophical question but the latter doesn’t answer and instead attacks him. Lelouch answers the question himself, which triggers the geass he used in the man in the control room. The man instructs the computers to tilt the platform, same as what happened in the Black Rebellion. Mass enemy knightmare destruction.

Kallen proceeds to enter the battlefield with the remaining Black Knights and saves the prisoners. Zero uses the shield as a surfboard as the platform angles downwards. Rolo chases Zero’s units and destroys one of Lelouch’s frame’s hands before a sniper bullet nearly hits Rolo. Zero blocks the bullet with his frame, prompting Rolo to ask why he did it. Lelouch tells him he’s his brother even if they were fake memories only. Guilford throws his lance at Zero but Rolo catches it, making Guilford deduce that Vincent’s pilot is an ally of Zero. Villeta calls Rolo, but Lelouch has prepared for it anyway so Villeta doesn’t suspect a thing.

Anyway, Kallen’s suspicious of Vincent but C.C. calls it an ally since it saved Lelouch. Rolo’s confused now since he doesn’t know in which side he should be. The truth is that Lelouch has seen Rolo’s interview video and has geassed the sniper. Lelouch swears silently to himself to throw away his fake brother like a dirty rag once Rolo’s role to him is finished. Suzaku returns to the school that night.


I’m impressed with Lelouch in this episode. Everyone will agree of the Lelouch / Light comparison here.




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