Code Geass R2 05

29 05 2008

Inside the Chinese embassy, the once-imprisoned male Black Knights populace throw away their jail uniforms in celebration of their freedom. Kallen inquires about Vincent and C.C. tells her they’ve moved it via Li’s escape route, prompting Lelouch to ask about the Chinese. Kallen continues harassing Lelouch with “Vincent” questions but Lelouch remains tight-lippied with the manner, adding that the pilot is an ally. C.C. asks him if he used he used his geass and he replies no. Lelouch changes the topic, which makes Kallen think she’s out of the loop. Lelouch answers her insecurity by saying he needs to keep a few secrets of his own. Kallen gets angry when Lelouch uses double meanings on his sentences. C.C. asks what they’ll do concerning Zero’s identity but Lelouch tells them to keep everything secret. Kallen asks Lelouch if she’s still captain of his bodyguards before leaving.

After a moment of dumb rejoicing, the Black Knights finally wear their famous costumes. Kallen informs Toudou of Urabe’s demise. Asahina tells Chiba to confess her love to Toudou already. Everyone gets interrupted when Zero finally appears. Chiba shows her animosity at Zero for abandoning them during the Black Rebellion. Zero answers them by saying everything he did is for the purpose of defeating Britannia. That’s all. Toudou asks the Black Knights’ mild outcries by saying that some parts of an operation must be kept a secret and that they shouldn’t persecute Zero because of leaving them. Ohgi also defends Zero and the conversations end with the Black Knights chanting Zero’s name.

Back in school, Lelouch gets surprised to see Suzaku back. The latter introduces his name to the class. Lelouch remembers their past and also the memories he should’ve forgotten, which Suzaku knows. The latter stops before Lelouch, who greets him. Shirley and Rivalz literally jump at Suzu. Even Milly enters the classroom to confirm the rumor.

At the school grounds the group tells Suzaku the past events in their school. They even ask Suzaku who Zero is, which Arthur interrupts by sinking his fangs on Suzaku. In the spies’ hq, Suzaku, Rolo, and Villta discuss if Lelouch’s recovered his memory yet. Rolo is thinking if he can really trust Lelouch.

Out in the open, Lelouch geasses a professer/spy, asking him not to mind the Lamperouge siblings’ irregular behavior. Lelouch tells Rolo of because the latter talks weird, in a cold, psycopathic sort of way.

In Britannia’s main HQ in Tokyo, the Glaston Knights review the disruptions in the Area after Zero appears. Then the government building gets attacked by no other than Gino’s Tristan Knightmare. The two Glaston Knights notice it and challenges the intruder but Suzaku arrives to stop them. Gino gets arroused by Suzaku’s uniform ands asks him about it — while hugging him from the back. Mordred also appears and Anya gets bored since she can’t put anything in her diary. Suzaku believes that his small army’s now complete.

Back at school, Milly bullies Suzaku to legitimately open the festival named in his honor. Well, you know what a classic Japanese high school fiesta is. In some small storage room, Rolo entertains the idea of stabbing Lelouch with the knife. Lelouch “corrects” Rolo’s knife/hand position so they can correctly peel the potatoes. Outside, Suzaku spies on them. By the way, Rolo tells Lulu his geass’ weakness.

Gino (in casual clothes) delights in seeing potato chips fried. Anya, in a pink and very loli outfit, records the whole incident with her cellphone(?). Gino practically drags the loli around the school. In the school’s basement, Rivalz is searching for reserve energy fillers when he sees a box. Written on it are the words: Beardface!! This is mine!! Don’t touch – don’t open it! Throw it out and I’ll KILL YOU!!!

Rivalz asks himself if this was Nina’s. Literally a psycho-bitch. Lelouch orders his Black Knight underlings via cellphone, then sees C.C. cosplaying as Chachamaru or [insert other anime characters with robot ears here], and decides to stop her for the love of pizza! The two discuss the emperor and Suzaku. In the school’s swimming pool, Villeta shows her partly nekkid body to the audience. Apparently, the swimming club girls are hosting some sort of cafe. And the girls are in swimming uniforms. Shirley applauds at her idea of using Villeta.

Milly and Suzaku discuss Kallen, Nina, and Llyod. Arthur steals Suzaku’s pen (formerly Euphie’s) when Milly stops entertaining him. Suzaku runs after the cat, leaving the pizza plans on the floor. Gino picks it up later on and gets intrigued. Anyway, Lelouch and C.C. continue their discussion. Lelouch pushes C.C. into the giant tomato container when Shirley drops by. Lelouch gets eaten by a…walrus mascot. Inside it is Kallen, apparently on a mission to bring the pizza girl back. Shirley gets into a fight with the mascot. Suzaku arrives, asking Lelouch and co. if they’d seen the cat. Inside the container, C.C. kicks, making Suzaku think that Arthur’s inside. Gino, on board a knightmare, grabs the container and leaves.

Worst of worst scenarios, the whole group go in a wild goosechase with Lelouch ending last. Even Milly passes him. Clearly, Gino is having so much fun. Rivalz announces the arrival of Suzaku in the knightmare only to be surprised to see Suzaku saving Arthur from being run down by the knightmare. Lelouch geasses another student to activate the bubbles as Gino tilts the tomato container. All’s well that ends well.

Villeta bumps into Kallen in the confusion and the latter hastily leaves. Anya records everything and thanks Shirley (who by the way is lying on the grass). Anyway, after the incident, Lelouch interrogates C.C. and Kallen and learns that the pairing Ohgi x Villeta exists.

Inside the Spy Co. HQ in Ashford, Lelouch and Rollo corner Villeta and blackmail her. Kallen and C.C. (she’s holding Cheese-kun) thank Li for dropping by to save them. Lelouch asks a favor from Li via phone before Suzaku arrives.

Rivalz is sad to see Milly having fun dancing with Gino. Anya stands with the crowd like a pretty wallflower. Alone at last. Suzaku tells Lelouch his plans of freeing Area 11. He then gives his phone to Lelouch so that the latter may talk with the new governor. Lelouch is surprised to hear Nunnally’s voice.


Plus points to the chase scene and everyone leaving Lelouch. Also plus points with Suzaku cornering Lelouch in the end of the episode.




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