Code Geass R2 06

30 05 2008

“It kicked me.”
–Anya Earlstreim

We pick up from where we left on. On the phone right now, Nunnally’s talking with her brother, asking Lelouch if he’s her brother. Luckily, Lelouch isn’t facing Suzaku or heaven help him from “spiinzaku.” Anyway, it’s a neat trap Suzaku did — using Nunally as bait to see if Lelouch has his memory back. You see, Lelouch, brainwashed, shouldn’t remember Nunnally. Luckily, Rolo activates his geass so Lelouch hurrily talks wit his sis. He tells her that he must pretend to be a stranger right now and that he loves her. Inc*st. Anyway, once Rolo’s geass has ended, Lelouch talks with Nunnally as if he doesn’t know her, making Suzaku think that he hasn’t recovered his memories yet. Lelouch hands the phone back to Suzaku, who apologizes to Nunnally for the mistake.

Nunnally’s currently in the California base. Under the airships, the commander asks Guilford to leave since the new Area 11 Governor Nunnally will be under their protection. Lloyd and Cecil appear and apologizes for their weird punctuality. Guilford greets Llyod, who uses the Emperor’s name in vain. The commander whaziname(?) tells him off for addresing His Majesty in a queer manner. Cecil asks for forgiveness and Llyod casually asks if there’s something wrong. Anyway, Guilford asks about the “units.” Llyod tells hims they’re finished. Oh, and he also used the Second Prince’s name in vain. Whaziname sighs. Inside the airship, precisely in the garden area, Nunnally’s entertaining the thought that Lelouch and Suzaku aren’t telling her the truth.

The news broadcast that the new governor will be arriving to Area 11 tomorrow adds that they don’t know who the governor is. In other news, they discusss the Consul General’s position concerning Zero. In the Chinese Federation Capital, Luo Yang, the Empress is talking with Kaguya. Kaguya apologizes since she will be leaving soon.

Inside the spy HQ, Lelouch ZOMG is playing with his chess set. The white pieces are scattered around a pink, origami crane, and Lelouch is stomping the black king piece near the edge of the chessboard. This analogy will be clear later on. More importantly, C.C. aks Lelouch if he’ll fight his sister. Lelouch replies that the empire is using her as a pawn. He gets angry at this so he asks about V.V. if the git is in Britannia. C.C. tells him she doesn’t know but tells hims V.V. wa Lelouch’s father’s first ally.

The scene is cut-short to Emp and V.V. inside the shrine/weapon. Their pact is to kill the Gods. V.V. asks Charles why he didn’t Nunnally about Zero’s identity and power. Charles says it isn’t necessary and prompts V.V. to call the former as young.

The three Knights of Round finally get to talk with Li. However, Li tells them the Black Knights have already left. Happy little Anya is typing everything in her portable diary. Suzaku suspects the Black Knights will attack Nunnally’s airship. True enough, they do. With land frames on hover machines.

The Black Knights’ objective is to abduct the new governor. Minami’s the first caualty. He’s lucky he has an ejection pod. The Black Knights then emit smart gas that conceals them visually and heat-sensor-wise. Anyway, their frames land on the four airships. The fighter planes perish. Anyway, the Black Knights aim at the other flying vessels. Panic take place inside the main air flag’s bridge. Zero infiltrates the main ship easily.

Outside, the Black Knights are kicking major ass. Until four mass produced Vincent on float units arrive and kicks theirs in return. Lloyd even remarks that the models where paid under Prince Schneizel’s name without the latter knowing. Back to major ass pwnage. Zero finally gets to talk with Nunally alone. Nunnally thinks that she’ll die like Eupemia and Clovis so she tells Zero that he’s wrong. Murphy’s law.

The three Knights of Rounds join the fray and Asahina’s unit gets pwned by Gino’s Tristan. An escort vessel is dropping down and about to hit the main air flag when Anya shoots it down with her Mordred’s beam canons. Suzaku inquires about the Lancelot.

Toudou kills the idiot General Apson. More importantly, Nunnally tells Zero that she volunteered for the position as givernor. Senba gets killed by Gino and Guilford corners Toudou. Nunnally continues that she will succeed Euphy’s will to establish the Special Administrative Region of Japan, which surprises Zero.

Suzaku boards Lancelot. Cecil informs him of the situation. Kallen blocks Lancelot’s weaker first shot. Her Guren’s arm gets destroyed on the second shot, making her fall into the sea. Anya destroys the remaining Buria using only one hand. Lakshata interupts Kallen’s final soliloquy by launching Guren’s aerial parts via missiles stc. The result is a new improved Guren Kashoushiki, which destroys all the Vincent clones in one shot.

Anyway, Kallen dodges Gino and Anya’s attacks and renders the two unmovable by using her wide-range attack. Kallen kicks Suzaku’s ass by using the Gefjun jets. Suzaku retreats to save Nunnally. Zero gets blown in the because of the whol Lancelot created in entering. Zero shouts out Nunnally’s name as he gets blown into Guren’s hands.


I’m amazed at Rolo since his geass is very handy. Kallen pwns three Knights of Rounds and a handful Vincent clones is a WIN. Zero shouting Nunnally’s name in the end…epic.




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