Code Geass R2 07

30 05 2008

“It’s just painful and burdensome for you, be it Zero, the Black Knights, or Nunnally. It’d be for her sake too. If Zero disappears, Area 11 will become peaceful. You can return to being a student, brother, and grasp happiness. What’s wrong with wanting happiness? You will hurt no one. You can still pretend nothing happened if you turn back now. Don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere. I will be forever with you, brother.”
–Rolo Lamperouge

The episode begins with the Emperor declaring a speech on the whole world’s deciet. He practically turns the whole ten commandments upside down before the infamous “Hail Britannia” part.

There’s a flashback of last ep’s final moments before Lelouch wakes up in bed. Rolo’s by his side, watching over him. Rolo then tells Lelouch he seems to be having a bad dream and asks about the incident yesterday. Lelouch asks his fake brother if he said something during sleep. Apparently, he has said Nunnally’s name but Rolo lies and tells him he din’t say anything at all. Lelouch believes that Zero’s an obstacle to Nunnally’s perfect world.

Lelouch’s still pissed at the Nunnally x Suzaku pairing. The whole student council’s preparing for the field trip, making Rolo ask what Milly’s gonna bring: nets, candles, wigs, tambourines, and fireworks. They then notice Lelouch’s restlessness to which, Rivalz describes as excitement for the coming field trip. Lulu agrees. The speakers now announce that the innauguration conference of the new Area 11 governor will begin shortly so the students should go to the auditorium.

Nunnally announces her name and that she’s the 87th successor to the throne of Britannia and that she’ll assume the position of Area 11’s governor. She describes her illness, which prompts Rivalz to doubt the government. The Black Knights are obviously watching and…Minami’s blushing. Cecile is in a room with the weak Guilford. Okay, they’re in some hospital room. Nunnally sudenn;y announces that she’ll re-establish the Special Administrative Region of Japan. Outcries galore. A lot of Elevens clearly don’t trust her words. She even asks the Black Knights to participate. Rolo notices Lelouch leaving the auditorium.

Later, Nunnally asks Suzaku if what Euphy tried to accomplish wasn’t wrong. Lelouch is out on a train and sees two kids and probably their mother, looking outside. Kallen calls him from their secret headquarters but Lelouch breaks his phone and throws it away. The Black Knights agree that no Japanese will entertain the idea of entering the S.A.R. of Japan. Kaguya enters the room and asks why Zero isn’t there. She adds that Zero didn’t even send her mail while she’s in China. Tamaki says Zero’s probably flirting with others right now. Kallen tells him off but Kaguya says it’s okay since she thinks that heroes are fond of sensual pleasures and if they conside the physiology of mature men — Kallen interrupts this very exciting speech. C.C. admires how mature Kaguya is. Kaguya thanks C.C. for taking care of her husband then establishes C.C., Kallen, and herself as Zero’s “Courtesans.”

Llyod enters the hospital ward and notices Suzaku gone. Llyod sighs as he picks up a sandwhich intended for Guilford and takes a bite. Cecile asks him about the taste. Apparently, she used very exotic and unheard of ingredients in it. Lloyd quickly leaves the room.

Back in the train, Lelouch geassed all the passengers to move to another compartment so he can be alone. Rolo changes the channel on the train’s tv so that it will show Nunnally’s earlier speech. Lelouch leaves the train in shock and bumps into a man carrying Nunnally’s posters.

Suzaku is in a battle ship. He’s thinking about his discussion with Nunnally. Lelouch sees some Elevens bullying a man who can’t pay for Refrain. He orders them to do push-ups, squats, and others to howl and dance.

C.C.’s playfully tossing Zero’s mask while she talks with an invisible being whose name’s Marianne. The next morning, Rivalz and Milly are worried because Lelouch didn’t show up for the field trip. Lelouch’s in some unfinished building construction about to use Refrain. Kallen sees him and comments on how he returned to the place Zero first appeared. Then she sees the Refrain on his hand. Kallen grabs and throws it as she tells Lelouch off. Lelouch then asks her to comfort him. She slaps him when they’re about to kiss and tells him to snap out if it. She runs away then stops later on to see if he would chase after her. Rolo stops him from following then asks Lelouch to drop everything

The emperor asks Nunally why she’s volunteered to be Area 11’s governor. Anyway, back at HQ, Kallen is holding Zero’s mask, making C.C. comment that it’s heavy because the one who wears it bears the entire world on his shoulders. Then they get a message from the surrounding fleet to stop for an inspection.

Back in Ashford, Lelouch and Rolo see some fireworks. Lelouch hurries to see Milly, Rivalz, and Shirley setting the fireworks off. They explain that Lelouch will be lonely if they leave without him. This makes Lelouch emo and he remembers Suzaku’s meaning of happiness. He hides his tears as the group makes fun of him.

The Britanian fleet commences their attack on the Black Knight’s ship. However, the Black Knights have retreated into the submarine inside. They explode the tanker as their submarine drops into the ocean undetected. Suzaku orders some water mobile frames to search for them. The fleet above fire their rockets/torpedos everywhere since they can’t pinpoint where their enemy is. Minor flooding, etc, in th sub. Then they hear Zero’s voice.

He orders them to fire all their torpedos at a target. The Black Knights tell him there isn’t any enemies there but Kaguya asks them to trust Zero. Anyway, the enemies have pinpointed where their location is. Suzaku orders everyone to head to that location. The torpedos the Black Knight launched hit a large methane hydrate container on the sea floor. Bubbles erupt, capsizing the ships above water and destroying the Knightmare in the water. Luckily, Suzaku’s Lancelot is already in the air.

He spots Zero on the Golden Vincent. Zero tells him to drop his weapons because the Black Knight will participate in the re-establishment of the Special Administrative Region of Japan.


Lelouch and his emo moments are weird. Same for Suzaku and his description of happiness. And not including Lelouch x Kallen or Lelouch x Rolo pairing.




2 responses

11 06 2008
Jeremy Yap

eh… i finding the piona sountrack that play when the Kallen calls him from their secret headquarters but Lelouch breaks his phone and throws it away. Did anyone can find it?? i really like it, can someone find it? thx..

22 06 2008

Hmmm…I haven’t heard the piano soundtrack from any of the first two OSTs yet. Maybe it’ll show up on the third? Try checking the character albums too.

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