Code Geass R2 08

30 05 2008

“Who knows? Zero is not an idol but a symbol. No, he reduced himself to just a symbol.”

–Milly Ashford

Vincent drops Zero on the. Zero tells Rollo he’ll keep the promise. Gino asks a reluctant Suzaku to retreat and the Black Knight’s submarine submerges into the ocean again. Villeta instructs her lackeys not to follow the rogue Vincent. Villeta’s wishing Rolo won’t be caught or else.

Back in the submarine, the Black Knights discuss their participation in the Special Administrative Region of Japan. A lot of them are thinking of killing Zero on spot. Even Toudou. Zero appears and Kaguya practically jumps and glomps him. Zero tells Kaguya that’s he’s comforted to see her usual energy. Kaguya replies the same to Zero, and adds the topic of the S.A.R. in the conversation. Ohgi and Tamaki tell their opinions but rejects their ideas. All of them are surprised and they throw their protests. Zero silences them by asking Toudou what the Japanese are.

Various Elevens all over Area 11 have conflicting views on the matter. Ms. Romeyer instructs Nunnally to read the manuscript. She adds that Nunnally is only a governor and merely a representative of His Majesty and asks Nunnally to consult them prior to any decisions.

Back in school, Suzaku informs his friends that he will leave the school momentarily since he will be very busy. Milly’s kinda pissed since she’ll lose one slave in her garden project. Suzaku apologizes. Shirley asks Suzaku about Kallen. Lelouch butts in, saying that they should bargain with the new governor. Their friends are surprised since Lelouch and Suzaku have spoken with the new governor. Suzaku wonders if Lelouch really has forgotten his memories.

He wants to find out one thing if Lelouch has gotten his memories back though: Why did he kill Euphy? Suzaku gets an unsuspected attack from a fellow soldier and Eleven calling him a traitor. Lelouch’s geass works on Suzaku and the latter evades the man’s attack. Other soldiers come to his aid. Suzaku is thinking that before, he had desired the punishment of death, but Lelouch cast his Geass for Suzaku to “live on.”

Diethard is talking with Zero via phone is gets congratulated (flattered, actually) because of his accomplishments in the plan. Lelouch tells him that even though their tactical objectives have changed, their strategic one hasn’t. He ends the call as he drops a black pawn on the board. Rolo asks him if he’ll keep his promise. Lelouch tells him that he will protect the school and their friends. Rolo tells Lelouch that he’s helping him only because he wants to protect the academy where he has friends. Rollo tells him that they have the same tragic end if they get caught. Villeta walks in and informs “Zero” about the proceedings. Lelouch asks Villeta to address him as Lelouch lest their cover gets blown. Lelouch asks her if she wants to see Ohgi.

In the Holy Britannia Dallas Laboratory, time-skip Nina is currently examining her pet project. Kanon and Prince Schneizel drops by to pick her up. Apparently, they’ve just made peace with France. Nina tells them they should’ve conquered it instead but Schneizel tells her that every human is searching for hope and winning will crush that dream.

That night, Anya is seen blogging outside. Arthur the cat nips her. Suzaku, in traditional Japanese clothing, arrives and comments that Arthur likes Anya. Their discussion gets interrupted by an officer asking for Suzaku’s signature for the approval of capital punishment sentence to the soldier who tried to kill Suzaku early in the episode.

Inside the horse-drawn carriage, Nina gives out her report to Prince Schneizel. A flashback occurs with Nina activating a Knightmare’s bomb. It doesn’t work so Cecile hurries to grab it away. End of flashback. Nina tells the prince that she’s delivered nothing but failures ever since the first prototype. Schneizel remarks that it’s okay. He clearly trust her because she believed in Eupemia.

Suzaku hesitates to sign the paper. Since any Knight of Round signature is sufficient, Anya signs the paperwork and asks Suzaku if he’s a masochist. She tells him that he enlisted in an Area where all the citizens hate him. She tells him that he’s a hero for the Numbers and also the man who betrayed Japan. She adds that he’s Zero’s enemy, and that jelousy and hatred will kill him. Suzaku replies that he’s a sinner from the very beginning. Gino arrives to tell them Zero on the phone.

Inside the room are the three Knights of Round. Llyod, Cecile, and Romeyer’s also in there. By the way, Cecile’s in a very delectable clothing. This pisses old maid Romeyer off. In the monitor, Zero remarks that the governor isn’t around. Suzaku tells him it’s a talk between officials. Llyod asks Zero if he’s the same person as the previous Zero. Zero answers him by saying that Zero’s entity shouldn’t be measured by identity but by his actions. Gino asks Zero if the Black Knights are still going to participate in the S.A.R. Zero tells them one million people will participate. Zero, however, negotiates that his enemies should overlook him by exiling him. The group discuss Zero’s proposition.

Inside Fuji Mausoleum, Suzaku informs Nunnally that they’ve decided to exile Zero to another country. Nunnally hands Suzaku a candle with the name Euphy written on it. Suzaku lights it up and lets it float on the water. Then he notices that another candle with the name Euphemia is floating. Suzaku tells Nunnally about this. Lelouch leaves the mausoleum and meets up with Rollo. He tells him that he’s severed every connection with Area 11.

The announcer broadcasts the news on the Shizuoka Ghetto, the designated area for the S.A.R. of Japan, via helicopter. Millions of Elevens came. Gino believes that a revolt will ensue. Ohgi hides his face using a hat when he notises Villeta aka Chigusa. Zhou drops by to pick up Li via plane. Li coughs blood but asks her not to worry.

Back in the ghetto, Nunnally welcomes all the Elevens who came. The Glaston Knights try to stop Guilford from boarding a Vincent. Romeyer then announces the conditions and privelages in the S.A.R. Then, she adds that their leader, Zero will be exiled due to killing the previous governor. Zero shows up on every screen and thanks them. Suzaku tells Zero that he’ll personally move him out of the country. Zero then asks Suzaku what the Japanese are. Is it the race, the language, land, blood, or, a Suzaku points out later, the heart? Zero tells him that that’s what he thought before. That’s when gas covers the whole ghetto.

The Britannian soldiers clearly think it’s a revolt but Suzaku holds them down. Anya moves Nunnally away from the place. Zero does show up after the gas vanishes. However, there are now a million Zeros inside the ghetto. The real Zero orders the other zeroes to to abide by Nunnally’s orders and be exiled to another country. Romeyer then finds out that the Zeros plan on using the ships the Chinese Federation signed up. The Britannian soldiers are hastily looking for the real Zero.

Villeta asks the Elevens to remove their masks. Zero (possibly Tamaki) points his gun but another Zero (obviously Ohgi) stops him. Nunnally asks his bodyguards what the situation is. Anya asks her not to worry since Suzaku’s there. Romeyer and Suzaku are clearly in a debate. Guilford thinks it’s clearly a revolt. Ohgi explains that it is a non-violent method. Suzaku’s in mental turmoil since if he overlooks Zero, it means he’s forgiven him. Romeyer points a gun at a random Zero but Suzaku stops her. He orders that Zero be exiled just as promised. Suzaku asks the real Zero if he’ll be able to save all the other Zeros. He says yes and so Suzaku agrees to let the other Zeros free.

The real Zero shows his true identiy to Sayoko as he orders the other Zeros to board the ships. Ohgi bades his last goodbye to Villeta. Li comments that Zero plans to step onto their stage. Lloyd believes that no one out of the million Suzaku saved will thank the Knight. Suzaku thinks that whoever Zero is knows him too well. Lelouch secretly thanks Suzaku in the end.


This is an awesome episode since the million Zeros took me by surprise. I know it kinda reminds me of V for Vendetta. That trick is so simple yet so powerful. Lelouch must’ve geassed several factories to make those million costumes in only a couple of days. He probably planned that scenario while the Brits are attacking the Black Knights’ submarine or else he wouldn’t tell Suzaku he’s planning to participate in the Special Administrative Region of Japan. That’s clearly incredible.

I want one of those Zero costumes, even any of those with a different hue than the original. Diethard is an ass-kisser. Villeta shows that she still loves Ohgi, even if he’s a Number. And Romeyer? She’s crazy. Admit it. And phew! This seems to be my longest work as of yet. I hear there’s no episode next week. Anyone want to confirm that? My copy of the episode didn’t show any preview for the next episode so maybe it’s true.




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