Soul Eater 01

31 05 2008

“But the form or shape isn’t the problem. The only thing that matters is the soul!”
–Soul Eater

A demon slays a woman and eats its soul (blue). Another woman sees the demon and runs for her life. Fortunately for the second woman, Maka, a weapon meister, and his weapon, Soul Eater, arrives. Soul describes the demon as a human soul who goes astray from the way of humans. Soul changes into a scythe as Maka battles out the demon called Jack the Ripper. The duel ends in midair when Maka slashes through the demon. The demon’s body transforms into a red soul (a demon egg) and Soul eats it. Maka praises Soul because they’ve collected 99 souls and if Soul eats a witch’s soul, he’ll become Shinigami’s weapon, Death Scythe.

Maka calls Shinigami via breathing on a window and writng the numbers 42-42-564 (Jap translation: Die, Die, Kill). Maka reports their current situation. The current Death Scythe, Maka’s father, tells Soul to not lay a finger on Maka or he’ll die. Death Scythe contradicts this afterwards. Shinigami tells them the consequence if the last soul they eat isn’t a witch’s.

Anyway, Blair the Witch’s taking a bath in her pumpkin house when Soul breaks and enters. He get a nosebleed. Maka asks him to transform and transform he does. Blair asks Maka to give her the scythe before blasting them out ala Team Rocket.

Inside the Cabaret, the two girls entertaining Death Scythe talk about his coming divorce and pathetic relationship with his daughter. This leaves Death Scythe sad so he runs away, but comes back to pay. And he runs away again.

Maka and Soul return to the witch’s house two more times and gets their asses blasted. They manage to hold off Blair in the fourth round until Blair gives them her ultimatum that Soul can be her scythe and she’ll fogive what Soul will ever do. This leaves Maka in a neat mess since Soul doesn’t even cooperate with her after Blair told her wish. Soul tells Maka that he’d rather have big-chest Blair as a partner than tiny-tits Maka. Maka shouts that men are the worst. A flashback of Maka’s father dating with other girls appear. Soul then transforms his right hand into a scythe aimed at Blair. Maka reaches for his hands than slashes through Blair.

Soul eats Blair’s soul then remarks after a minute that he doesn’t feel any stronger. A black cat wearing Blair’s witch hat jumps in front of them. Apparently, Blair isn’t a witch but a cat with magical powers. Shinigami confiscates the all the souls Maka and Soul have collected. The episode ends with Blair chasing the duo and the preview for the next prologue story.


This is a very neat start for the anime and I’m glad I get to see it. The movements of the characters are very fluent, and Maka’s poses with the scythe kicks ass. Blair pwning their asses three times in a row is also a win. Shinigami looks like a weirdo but who cares? He’s THE shinigami. Death Scythe’s messed up. What kind of father flirts with other women when his kid’s around?




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