Soul Eater 02

31 05 2008

“Serious match with no tricks, this is the way we assasins do it.”
–Black Star

The show begins with a sky blue-haired boy jumping down from Shibusen’s top. A taller girl can be seen clapping.

Fast-forward to Al Capone in his mansion. Alcapone and his masked goons are eating human souls as if it’s the most natural thing to do. Black Star, the blue-haired shrimp, remarks that two verus a hundred is just his style. Tsubaki, his weapon, cautions him. Black Star does otherwise and shows himself in the middle of Al Capone’s table and only manages to escape the gunshots by using Tsubaki as a smoke bomb. Near the docks, Black Star boasts of how big (famous/powerful/ego) he is. Tsubaki mentions that she hasn’t even collected a single demon soul.

Back in Shibusen, Tsubaki’s subtly dragging Black Star to get an easier misson. Maka and Soul greets and asks them about their progress. Maka and Soul doesn’t even want to discuss theirs. Anyway, Shinigami calls Black Star and Tsubaki and informs them that Al Capone’s going to eat a witch’s soul and forge a Death Scythe of his own.

Meanwhile, Al Capone is stopped by a swordsman who obviously guards the witch. Black Star, pissed by Tsubaki’s remarks, peeps at her while she’s bathing. He gets whacked in the head as a result. Anyway, they quickly go into their mission.

They arrive at Angels the witch’s castle only to see hundred os demon eggs. The swordsman, Mifune, obviously defeated them. Black Star gets pissed at Mifune since he thinks he’s so big so he tries defeating him. Even though Tsubaki is an extremely great weapon, Black Star jeopardizes everything because of his loud mouth. Black Star gets real serious this time. Mifune notices that he’s enemy’s Tsubaki quite late, earning him a very deadly blow from Black Star. Angela (a tiny witch) swoops down on her broom and tries protecting Mifune. Even though he has the chance, Black Star doesn’t kill the witch.

Shinigami comments later on that they could’ve cheated and stolen those “free” demon eggs. Black Star disagrees since he’s not that low. Anyway, he uses his assasination techniques to peep at the hot springs again. He gets whacked, again.

The episode ends with a preview of the next prologue.


I’m not very impressed with Black Star. I mean, sure, he can fight without the use of any weapon but he’s too loud. He loses every chance because he can’t wait to announce how BIG he is. Tsubaki’s an extremely adaptable weapon since she can transform into many ninja items. A swiss army knife at its coolest.




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