To change or not to change

31 05 2008

I’m really thinking about this right now. Here’s the problem: I’d be getting real busy during college and I figured I won’t be able to update or fix the blog much if I stayed in a slow pace. Basically, I’m thinking of shortening the summaries of each anime episode in the sense that the readers will get the gist of the story (an example of this would be my Clannad episode 7 summary.)

In the end, it’s just a matter of quantity over quality. The overall ingedients of each episode will taste less, but you get to have more food on the table. My point is that if I do make shorter summaries (this’ll probably cut my work by at least 30%), I’d have the time to explore and document other series.

I hope all of you understand what I’m saying. So, let’s bring it on with the other series I’m planning!




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