Soul Eater 03

4 06 2008

“Symmetry – that is what I enjoy aesthetically.”
–Death the Kid

Lupin, a soul thief, is being hunted down by a gunslinging kid. Lupin gets cornered in an alley and the kid introduces himself and his dual pistols (who’ve now turned into two blonde girls) with matching choreography, only, one of the girls is a bit off from the positioning, resulting with the kid to shift his focus to the discussion of bilateral symmetry with the girls. The thief has left the scene by the way. Anyway, Lis (the older sis of the two girls), points out that Kid (the name of the kid is Death the Kid), has three white stripes on his black hair, making him asymmetrical. This prompts Kid to fall down and curse himself. Liz and Patty cheer him up. Kid calls his father, Shinigami-sama, and asks for a job where he can collect the required souls in one go. Shinigami-sama informs him of the “Anubis” case.

Back at Shibusen, Soul tells a naive Black Star, the news that the “Anubis” job has been taken. This annoys both Soul Eater and Black Star so they decided to skip classes and find out who got that job. Kid arrives at the pyramid and admires its beauty. He’s entranced by the inside too. Liz and Patty discuss “Eyes blinking” when Liz, who’s been cowering behind Patty since they got inside, notices that Kid’s been awfully quiet during their walk. Kid tells them that he has the feeling that the picture frame in the front hall of their house is a little tipped to the right. Kid’s OCD’s is reaching its limits. Liz literally drags Kid further into the pyramid lest he returns to their house.

A bunch of mummies stop them from their tracks. Liz finally notices Kid gone, so she uses her sister vice-versa to destroy the mummies. Inside the inner sanctum of the pyramid, the witch that has been causing much chaos eventually summons the Pharoah, who eats her. Kid, on the other hand, is glad that everything was just his imagination. He finally decides to go back to Egypt and help Liz and Patty.

Speaking of the two, Liz and Patty get trapped by the Pharoah’s bandages. Soul and Black Star learns that the one who took the Anubis job is Shinigami’s son. Kid, after kicking a mummy disgusing as a cute and awfully symmetrical doll, arrives in time to help Liz and Patty. Everything’s okay until Kid stops fighting the Pharoah because the latter is so beautifully symmetrical. Kid gets bludgeoned and stomped. The Pharoah eventually leaves his symmetrical coffin to deal the finishing blow himself. Kid becomes pissed off to the hundredth power because of the Pharoah’s true form. The Pharoah feels the wrath of Kid’s power.

The group bade their goodbye at the pyramid, only to see it collapse before their very eyes. Kid curses himself for destroying a work of art. The Thompson sisters comfort him. Later, Shinigami-sama confiscates the soul Kid’s collected for destroying the pyramid.


I’m really amused with this episode. Kid showed an awful case of OCD-ness by going back to his house to check if the picture frame’s perfectly balanced. The duo, Black Star and Soul look seriously interested in Kid.




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