Soul Eater 04

8 06 2008

“Resonance of Souls!”
– Maka Albarn and Soul Eater

Soul dreams of defeating a badass enemy and wakes up to find Blair on top of him. Maka, who’ve just finished cooking their breakfast, comes into his room. God help Soul for the punishment he recieved.

At school, Soul discusses the Sid (their former homeroom teacher)-turns-into-a-zombie-and-attacks-student incident, with Maka, who quickly dismisses it. Maka’s father comes inside and announces that he’ll be their substitute homeroom teacher to the dismay of Maka and Soul.

Later on, Shinigami-sama announces to Maka/Soul and Black Star/Tsubaki that they’ll do a remediation since they’ve collected zero souls; Maka/Soul for eating a cat’s soul instead of a witch, and Black Star/Tsubaki for the weapon meister’s inability to keep his mouth shut. Moving on, Shinigami informs them that they’ll be catching Sid and the person who made him a zombie as well.

In the cemetery, Maka’s uber depressed. Tsubaki’s asking anyone for help because Black Star and Soul are just loafing around. Sid appears from the ground and attacks Maka first. The latter blocks further attacks by the help of Soul, the wonder scythe. Not wanting to be unmentioned, Black Star chains Sid via Tsubaki but gets thrown into Maka instead.

Fast forward into the fight: Black Star’s out of the seen because Sid smashed him downward. Maka and Soul agree to use resonance of souls to achieve Witchhunter, with Soul enveloped in bright light. Sid fortunately evades the attack and is now six feet under the ground, hiding. Black Star uses the Trap Star, which is basically Tsubaki’s chains forming a star around Black Star, to catch Sid. A small scene shows that Shinigami-sama and Death the Kid have been observing everything from the very start. Maka/Soul and Black Star/Tsubaki now head out to catch their last prey, Dr. Stein.


This is a really amazing episode. Soul’s Witch Hunter form is uber badass. It’s a real shame that they didn’t nail Sid with that move. Black Star’s Trap Star is also cool, but the move would only work if the opponent’s underground since he wouldn’t know a trap’s set. I’m surprised Black Star even thought of doing this. I mean, he’s always using that big mouth of his instead of his brain.




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