Clannad 08

9 06 2008

“I can’t see Fuko-chan!”
-Sanae Furukawa

Nagisa notices Tomoya acting strangely. More importantly, Nagisa informs the group that Ibuki-sensei’s wedding will be next week.

Later, every person except Tomoya and Nagisa can’t see Fuko. Tomoyo remembers a girl giving her the wooden starfish but she can’t see Fuko, who’s standing in front of her. Mitsui, Fuko’s friend, thinks Tomoya and Nagisa are playing a prank on her when she obviously can’t remember Fuko giving her the starfish.

Nagisa cries later that night because she believes she’ll also forget about Fuko. Tomoya invites the landlady to Ibuki-sensei’s wedding. Tomoya and Sunohara enter a serious discussion. Sunohara tells him that he will visit Fuko in the hospital.

The next day, Sunohara comes to school forgetting about Fuko completely. Even the Fujibayashi sisters forgot about Fuko. Later on, the trio (Tomoya, Nagisa, and Fuko) try to make Sunohara remember Fuko. It ends with an emo Sunohara leaving.

After school, Tomoya and Nagisa accompany Fuko in buying a present for her. They buy a birthday party set that Fuko loves. Once they arrive back at Nagisa’s home, they notice that Nagisa’s dad can’t see Fuko anymore. Nagisa’s mom greets the three students – until she tells them she also can’t see Fuko anymore. She’d accidentally seen Fuko in the hosital that day.

In the end, Tomoya invites Fuko to his home because of the incident.


This is a really melancholic episode for the series. The number of people unable to see Fuko’s increasing every minute. I wonder who’ll be the very last person who will be able to see Fuko: Tomoya or Nagisa?




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