Soul Eater 05

9 06 2008

“Protecting your master with your own body…you’re a good kid.”
-Dr. Franken Stein

The episode begins with the four students standing before their prey’s stitched laboratory. The door creepily opens outwards until Dr. Stein falls down with his moving chair. He does this a second time and fails again. Dr. Stein tells them that he does things just so for observation and research. He points out the students’ souls’ characteristics: Maka a hardworker; Soul as cynical; Black Star, extremely violent, and Tsubaki, a very cooperative personality.

Inside the Cabaret, Blair entertains Death Scythe but ends with him being very depressed. Apparently, Death Scythe and Dr. Stein were former partners, until Maka’s mom paired up with him.

Dr. Stein singlehandedly blocks both Maka and Black Star’s attack while still on his chair. Back in Shibusen, Shinigami-sama tells Kid that Meisters need weapons to pass their wavelengths after Dr. Stein knocked Maka out without using any weapon. Maka’s smooth tummy gets violated by Dr. Stein’s pen; Black Star uses the opportunity to use his Black Star Big Wave, which Dr. Stein blocks by matching his own wavelength with Black Star’s. Dr. Stein electrifies Black Star with his wavelength and the latter is out of the round.

Back in Shibusen, Kid decides to help them and asks father to enroll him in his school. Maka sees Dr. Stein’s gigantic soul and loses hope. Back in Shibusen, Kid suffers from a huge attack of OCD, which renders him unfit to fight. Soul persuades Maka to get a grip with herself and the duo perform their signature attack, Witch Hunter, against Dr. Stein. Dr. Stein defeats their attack with his bare hands. Soul returns to his human form and protects Maka from Dr. Stein, who finally tells them they’ve passed the maintenance. Apparently, eveything had been planned by Shinigami-sama. Oh, and before I forget, Dr. Stein will become Maka/Soul and Black Star/Tsubaki’s new homeroom teacher.


I was amused at Kid swimming on the floor because of another OCD attack. Stein without a weapon is a force to be reckoned with. What if he has one? He pwning the group is also entertaining. The group didn’t have a chance against Shibusen’s greatest.




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