Code Geass R2 09

10 06 2008

“There is no more hesitation in my heart!”
-Li Xingke

This episode marks a new chapter in Code Geass’ story. For one, the opening narration now tells the story of the Chinese Federation, explaining how the High Eunuchs are using Empress Tianzi (little white-haired loli), and that poverty in the country is in a very dangerous level. The Black Knights have arrived in Penglai Island, an artificial island used to generate power – and the new story arc begins.

In Penglai Island, the Black Knights are adapting to their new home; Ohgi asks the other for help in unloading the knightmare frames India lent them. Trouble brews later on as Kaguya informs the Black Knights about Empress Tianzi’s marriage to Britannia’s worthless First Prince. Lelouch is pissed because he wouldn’t be able to control the empress if the marriage takes place. Lelouch believes Schneizel planned all this.

That evening, there’s a ceremony at the State Guest House where the Britannians and Chinese are celebrating the coming wedding. Empress Tianzi’s uneasy on her seat; Prince Odysseus is beside her. Earl Kanon Maldini introduces himself to Milly Ashford as Prince Schneizel’s public and private aide. He’s joking when he says that.Moving on, Schneizel arrives with Nina Einstein. Somewhere in their secret headquarters, Li Xingke and his group is planning a coup. Li remembers when Tianzi saved him from the death penalty. More importantly, Zero steps into the party wedding-crasher style. Nina gets angry with Milly’s pretentious actions.

Zero and Schneizel face off in a chess match. If Zero wins, Suzaku will leave and he’ll be able to control everyone in the room; if Schneizel wins, Zero will take off his mask. Gino openly declares that Kallen is his type.Zero and Schneizel are both being pressured during the endgame. Lelouch, however, tells himself that his loss to Schniezel was eigth years ago. Zero moves the king, which surprises his opponent. He explains that if the king won’t lead, his subordinates won’t follow. Schneizel follows suit and moves his. Later on, only a single square lay before the Black King and White King. Schneizel won’t be able to move the white king forward anymore – or so Lelouch thought. Schneizel moves his king forward and checkmate’s Zero’s king. Lelouch, thinking that this is a trap, moves his own king backwards. The game gets interrupted by a psychotic and emo Nina with a knaifu.

The planned coup d’etat commences at the wedding with Li at the lead. Confusion sets in as Zero manages to grab Empress Tianzi as his hostage. Miles and miles away, Jeremiah sips on his wine.


I can’t begin to tell how much I’m excited about this episode. First, there’s the Lelouch x Schneizel chess rematch, and, even if Lelouch technically should’ve won the match, Schneizel still managed to humiliate him. Second, is Kaguya posing before Schneizel and Co. She’s so kawaii! There’s also Li and his loli love, Tianzi, being broken apart by Lelouch as he wedding crashes the entire ceremony and adds another female to his harem cast.




One response

4 02 2011
Zara Covington

i saw that episode it was really good. the Empress was only a little girl and Li was either a teen ager or a rown up, right? And Lelouch wanted to use his geass on them both but he chose not to. I forgot why he didn’t. I still remember that episode preety good though.

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