Clannad 09

14 06 2008

“Since who knows when, the school has been abuzz with the rumors of the girl. How she’s innocent, earnest, and always running through the school. An image of such a girl. And since who knows when, everyone’s been waiting for the day the girl wakes up. I’m definitely one of them. And one day, that day will come.”
-Okazaki Tomoya

Tomoya and Nagisa accompany Fuko to school that night. Tomoya steals Fuko’s hat and the latter wrestles him for it. Fuko convinces Tomoya and Nagisa to call each other via first names. Enter furious moments of blushing and embarassment. Fuko then kisses the two on their cheeks because she likes them both. Tomoya later on reminds a happy Fuko-with-a-hat that the day after tomorrow’s the wedding.

Fuko starts a pre-celebration ceremony for her birthday and her sister’s wedding. Fuko finally succumbs to sleep. When Tomoya and Nagisa wake up, Fuko’s already gone, and they don’t even remember her.

Akio (Nagisa’s dad) gets angry at Tomoya for sleeping with her daughter. Side note: nothing happened. If you don’t believe me, read the first two paragraphs. His anger subsides when he remembers that his daughter told him she won’t be sleeping home because of something important. Later that morning – Nagisa shows Tomoya a wooden star.

Kyou invites Tomoya to go shopping with her and Ryou but Tomoya vaguely rejects the idea, remembering that there’s something he needed to do tomorrow. Tomoya and Nagisa put their heads together to find out what they’re forgetting. They ask Koumura-sensei, who’s busy making a banner for tomorrow’s wedding. Boom! Tomoya and Nagisa remember that Ibuki-sensei’s getting married. Koumora-sensei ends the discussion by saying that Ibuki-sensei’s younger sister must’ve told them. They finally see Fuko, who’s standing between them all along.

When they finally arrive to the wedding, the trio notice that they’re the only students who came. The wedding ends and the trio race outside. They’re surprised when they see the students; most of them remembered about the wedding that morning because of the starfish Fuko gave them.

Fuko tells Nagisa and Tomoya that every day was like a festival when she’s with them. Fuko gives her final thanks before vanishing. Tomoya tells Ibuki-sensei that one person made everything come true so she’d better have a great life for that person’s sake.

Ibuki-sensei finally sees Fuko, who gives her a wooden starfish before disappearing. Ibuki-sensei gives her thanks to Tomoya and Nagisa after the wedding. The group still remembers the starfish later on. The episode ends with Tomoya dreaming of the girl, who gives hims a wooden starfish and asks him to be her friend.


Fuko’s arc finally ends. I’m happy with the ending, if a bit confused. Basically, I’ve watched episodes 10+ before this one, so it came as a shock when I’m about to write the summary. I mean, since I’ve accidentally skipped this ep, I thought Tomoya and Co., forgot about Fuko. Anyway, this is still a great story ender for me.




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