Soul Eater 06

14 06 2008

“Oops. Sorry. My finger slipped.”
-Death the Kid

Kid finally steps out of his house after checking every nook and cranny; he’s into symmetry, and he’s very serious about it to the point of craziness. Liz comments that they’re already three hours late for school. In Shibusen, precisely on Maka and Tsubaki’s classroom, Stein’s about to dissect an endangered animal with gusto; this freaks the whole class out. Stein later inquires on the two absentees: Black Star and Soul Eater.

Speaking of the duo, the two are outside Shibusen’s front entrance, waiting for Shinigami-sama’s son to arrive. I won’t point out that they’ve been waiting for three hours. Kid arrives while admiring the school’s symmetry. He sees Soul and asks him if he’ll tour him around. This pisses Soul of so he tells Kid that the latter’s used to his father’s seven lights, which basically means Kid’s spoiled. Kid get’s pissed in return, but not about being spoiled; he’s pissed because Soul used the number seven. He should use eight, as Kid recommends becasue anyone can cut it symmetrically in half, both vertically and horizontally. See what I mean?

Black Star announces his presence from Shibusen’s top horns, and breaks it apart. This particular moment begins the fight as Soul and Black Star battle it out with Kid. Inside the classroom, Maka informs Stein that a master-on-duty should be present between a students’ duel. This saves the bird – I mean, the endangered animal. Stein, Maka, and Tsubaki arrive outside to witness Kid pwning Black Star and Soul’s asses. Maka gets a free practice on soul-seeing.

Moving on, Black Star and Soul perform a flashy choreo ending with the duo in buckets of blood. Soul, in traditional BL moment, tells Black Star that they’re over. Black Star asks if they’re still friends. An eruption of run-to-each-other-and-hug happens; during the embrace, Kid shoots the two down.

The two manage to hold Kid down, with Soul nearly slicing Kid. Kid performs his final move, Death Canon, to subdue the two down. He also falls down due to his shorter left bangs; apparently, Soul had luckily hit it during the struggle.

Shinigami-sama drops by to pick Kid up. Curious, Maka uses her soul-seeing power and notes that Shinigami-sama doesn’t have any. It’s a big surprise later when we all see Death City engulfed in Shinigami-sama’s gigantic soul.


Nothing much happens in this episode except that Kid’s real superior against Soul Eater and Black Star. Also, we finally saw (or maybe not) Kid’s ultima weapon, the Death Canon.




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