Soul Eater 07

17 06 2008

“Don’t worry about it. I’m prepared to die for my master if I have to!”
-Soul Eater

A witch, floating in midair with a broom, orders an unknown being to eat his fill. Down in the streets, blood violently gushes out of the unknown’s back. Pain and agony combined.

Soul recommends pasta as lunch to Maka since they’re in Italy. Maka reminds him that they’re in Italy for their extra-curricular lesson, and that’s it. Apparently, they’re hunting for a murderer called Sonson J. Soul parks his bike and bumps into a bully. The bully calls his reinforcements and beats the crap out of Soul – not! They got their asses pwned instead.

That night, the mysterious witch utters her command. The boy/girl inside the church, kills the same worthless scum Soul defeated earlier.  Outside, blood drips creepily from the moon’s teeth. Seriously.

Maka finally traps Sonson J and defeats him. Soul stretches out his hand to eat the red soul/egg. Curious, Maka asks him if the soul tastes good. Soul tells her that souls don’t really have a taste but they have good texture and go down smooth. Maka feels an abnormality at the church so he forces Soul to come with her.

Soul comments that he like’s the church’ gothic nature. Once Maka opens the door, they only see the weird lad/gal from earlier who’ve obviously butchered the other guys. Oh, and look: no corpses.

Back in Shibusen, Death Scythe plans on showing his love to the lady nurse but stumbles on Stein instead. The two’s topic change into Death Scythe’s marriage. Death Scythe understands that Stein’s really a friend. Stein informs the other that the demon sword has appeared.

Back in Italy, the boy unleashes his weapon: blood, which gushed out from his back. The weapon picks on the boy called Chrona. Maka asks the boy if he’s also from Shibusen; the school has certain rules, and harvesting the souls of humans is a no-no. Maka, feeling that it’s her responsibility, attacks Chrona. However, the scythe didn’t even harm Chrona. Apparently, the black blood, Chrona’s weapon, hardened before the impact, thus protecting its master. Ragnarok, Chrona’s weapon, th demon sword, suddenly screeches and inflicts pain on Soul. Maka dodges Chrona’s attacks or else Soul will be harmed. Chrona traps Maka and deals his finishing blow. Soul reverts to his human form and guards Maka from the attack, resulting in his body rip open.

Blood galore.


This episode packs a great punch. I mean, I’m ok with the pure, comedic episodes, but if the series made more of this action-oriented stuff, well, it’ll pull a lot of fans.

Anyway, Chrona and Ragnarok pwns Maka and Soul’s asses with gusto. Aside from that, there’s a bucketful of mysteries in this episode; you figure them out.




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