The end. New beginnings.

28 03 2009

I admit I have been neglecting this site for nearly eight months. I never thought college can demand too much in life.

I’ve returned — so what’s new? For starters, I’ll be tweaking the site, page formats, and even layouts. I will probably tackle only one or two animes; some manga titles; heck, even some anime Jpop songs and some weird moe/fetish Japanese topics.

Going back to the “fixing” part, I will not include total summaries in each anime episode(s) I will discuss because I’m never that good in summarizing stuff. Perhaps, instead of posting by episodes, I’ll post an anime series by its story arc. Also, I will give out my opinions, interpretations, etc of each at face value.

Next, I will discuss the endings of some animes I religiously watched, namely: Clannad After Story, Gundam 00, and Toradora. These projects will be posted before I tackle the next line-up: Spring Anime!

My eyes are out for the new Full Metal Alchemist season by the way. I’ll check the other titles once I’ve downloaded some episodes.