The end. New beginnings.

28 03 2009

I admit I have been neglecting this site for nearly eight months. I never thought college can demand too much in life.

I’ve returned — so what’s new? For starters, I’ll be tweaking the site, page formats, and even layouts. I will probably tackle only one or two animes; some manga titles; heck, even some anime Jpop songs and some weird moe/fetish Japanese topics.

Going back to the “fixing” part, I will not include total summaries in each anime episode(s) I will discuss because I’m never that good in summarizing stuff. Perhaps, instead of posting by episodes, I’ll post an anime series by its story arc. Also, I will give out my opinions, interpretations, etc of each at face value.

Next, I will discuss the endings of some animes I religiously watched, namely: Clannad After Story, Gundam 00, and Toradora. These projects will be posted before I tackle the next line-up: Spring Anime!

My eyes are out for the new Full Metal Alchemist season by the way. I’ll check the other titles once I’ve downloaded some episodes.


Kinda messed up…

26 05 2008

…the entries, I mean. I’ll probably start on the first episodes first before going on into the next. This might take a while though. Also, I’ll try to fix some parts of the site so that it’ll be easier to navigate.

I’m thinking about adding a manga and music section to the blog, but I’ll probably get to work on it a week or so from now. Wh00t. Code Geass R2 episode 08 is out ~

To start it all off…

23 05 2008

Most of the entries will be about various animes I’ve watched or currently watching, including manga and probably anime songs as well.

I’ll also add some parts on my life — if I’m that bored. 😐

I’m joking.

This is my first time blogging, so yeah. I’ll try to update this blog as much as I can.