Soul Eater 09

21 06 2008

“Oh, did you meet Excalibur? . . . Looks like it.”
– the Fairy

Soul wakes up from a nightmare and Maka panics. Later on, Medusa’s seen gloating because Soul’s a very good test subject. Soul tells a gloomy Maka not to worry much. Once outside the clinic, Maka’s father invites her to the rooftop.

In the library, Sid orders Black Star to clean and organize the library because even after completing their remedial lessons, they still have zero souls collected. After Sid left, Black Star pursued reading manga instead of doing his duty. Kid drops by to look for a book called, Excalibur. He explains the story to Black Star, and both end up dreaming of pulling the sword. Stein arrives and tells them that THE Excalibur does exist.

Back on the rooftop, Death Scythe’s isn’t making any progress with his daughter. Oho. Maka’s reading a book because she’s bored with his dad. Maka finally asks him what he thinks of her mom.

On some weird mountain, Kid asks Black Star to carry him since he’ll get wet if he stepped on the river. They see a fairy on their way and ask her if she’d seen the holy sword. She makes a face and leaves.

Once they see Excalibur, Kid couldn’t hide his glee – that is until Black Star pulls it out with ease. Kid, in all seriousness, asks him to do it again since it didn’t count. Kid wipes the handle first (OCD, again), before pulling the sword from the stone. They hear a voice and th sword transforms into – a weird, pure-white, penguin-like creature wearing a top hat and a shirt.

Oh, there’s still no progress with Death Scythe. Maka asks him about Ragnarok. Her father tells her that a weapon that takes the souls of humans lose their own soul, even if they become very powerful. Sid arrives to see the Library clean thanks to Tsubaki. Stein tells him that

Black Star has gone to acquire Excalibur, which prompts Sid not to punish Black Star over since meeting Excalibur is punishment enough. Back inside the mountain, Black Star and Kid muffle their laugh at the sword’s true appearance. Excalibur bores the duo with his story to the point of annoyance. Stein tells Tsubaki about Excalibur’s drawbacks.

Excalibur gives the two a list of one thousand clauses they should adhere to before transforming back into a sword. Black Star and Kid put the sword back into the stone with gusto. The fairy from before asks them if they met Excalibur. The duo grimace.

Back in Shibusen, Kid and Black Star shake hands. Maka and Soul pass by and Kid notices that they’re being laughed at. Maka tells them to come inside the classroom. Inside is Excalibur’s very colorful (and flowery) message: he’ll eternally wait for Black Star and Kid.


Complete waste of episode. Nothing really happens here – except finally meeting the annoying Excalibur.


Clannad 09

14 06 2008

“Since who knows when, the school has been abuzz with the rumors of the girl. How she’s innocent, earnest, and always running through the school. An image of such a girl. And since who knows when, everyone’s been waiting for the day the girl wakes up. I’m definitely one of them. And one day, that day will come.”
-Okazaki Tomoya

Tomoya and Nagisa accompany Fuko to school that night. Tomoya steals Fuko’s hat and the latter wrestles him for it. Fuko convinces Tomoya and Nagisa to call each other via first names. Enter furious moments of blushing and embarassment. Fuko then kisses the two on their cheeks because she likes them both. Tomoya later on reminds a happy Fuko-with-a-hat that the day after tomorrow’s the wedding.

Fuko starts a pre-celebration ceremony for her birthday and her sister’s wedding. Fuko finally succumbs to sleep. When Tomoya and Nagisa wake up, Fuko’s already gone, and they don’t even remember her.

Akio (Nagisa’s dad) gets angry at Tomoya for sleeping with her daughter. Side note: nothing happened. If you don’t believe me, read the first two paragraphs. His anger subsides when he remembers that his daughter told him she won’t be sleeping home because of something important. Later that morning – Nagisa shows Tomoya a wooden star.

Kyou invites Tomoya to go shopping with her and Ryou but Tomoya vaguely rejects the idea, remembering that there’s something he needed to do tomorrow. Tomoya and Nagisa put their heads together to find out what they’re forgetting. They ask Koumura-sensei, who’s busy making a banner for tomorrow’s wedding. Boom! Tomoya and Nagisa remember that Ibuki-sensei’s getting married. Koumora-sensei ends the discussion by saying that Ibuki-sensei’s younger sister must’ve told them. They finally see Fuko, who’s standing between them all along.

When they finally arrive to the wedding, the trio notice that they’re the only students who came. The wedding ends and the trio race outside. They’re surprised when they see the students; most of them remembered about the wedding that morning because of the starfish Fuko gave them.

Fuko tells Nagisa and Tomoya that every day was like a festival when she’s with them. Fuko gives her final thanks before vanishing. Tomoya tells Ibuki-sensei that one person made everything come true so she’d better have a great life for that person’s sake.

Ibuki-sensei finally sees Fuko, who gives her a wooden starfish before disappearing. Ibuki-sensei gives her thanks to Tomoya and Nagisa after the wedding. The group still remembers the starfish later on. The episode ends with Tomoya dreaming of the girl, who gives hims a wooden starfish and asks him to be her friend.


Fuko’s arc finally ends. I’m happy with the ending, if a bit confused. Basically, I’ve watched episodes 10+ before this one, so it came as a shock when I’m about to write the summary. I mean, since I’ve accidentally skipped this ep, I thought Tomoya and Co., forgot about Fuko. Anyway, this is still a great story ender for me.

Code Geass R2 09

10 06 2008

“There is no more hesitation in my heart!”
-Li Xingke

This episode marks a new chapter in Code Geass’ story. For one, the opening narration now tells the story of the Chinese Federation, explaining how the High Eunuchs are using Empress Tianzi (little white-haired loli), and that poverty in the country is in a very dangerous level. The Black Knights have arrived in Penglai Island, an artificial island used to generate power – and the new story arc begins.

In Penglai Island, the Black Knights are adapting to their new home; Ohgi asks the other for help in unloading the knightmare frames India lent them. Trouble brews later on as Kaguya informs the Black Knights about Empress Tianzi’s marriage to Britannia’s worthless First Prince. Lelouch is pissed because he wouldn’t be able to control the empress if the marriage takes place. Lelouch believes Schneizel planned all this.

That evening, there’s a ceremony at the State Guest House where the Britannians and Chinese are celebrating the coming wedding. Empress Tianzi’s uneasy on her seat; Prince Odysseus is beside her. Earl Kanon Maldini introduces himself to Milly Ashford as Prince Schneizel’s public and private aide. He’s joking when he says that.Moving on, Schneizel arrives with Nina Einstein. Somewhere in their secret headquarters, Li Xingke and his group is planning a coup. Li remembers when Tianzi saved him from the death penalty. More importantly, Zero steps into the party wedding-crasher style. Nina gets angry with Milly’s pretentious actions.

Zero and Schneizel face off in a chess match. If Zero wins, Suzaku will leave and he’ll be able to control everyone in the room; if Schneizel wins, Zero will take off his mask. Gino openly declares that Kallen is his type.Zero and Schneizel are both being pressured during the endgame. Lelouch, however, tells himself that his loss to Schniezel was eigth years ago. Zero moves the king, which surprises his opponent. He explains that if the king won’t lead, his subordinates won’t follow. Schneizel follows suit and moves his. Later on, only a single square lay before the Black King and White King. Schneizel won’t be able to move the white king forward anymore – or so Lelouch thought. Schneizel moves his king forward and checkmate’s Zero’s king. Lelouch, thinking that this is a trap, moves his own king backwards. The game gets interrupted by a psychotic and emo Nina with a knaifu.

The planned coup d’etat commences at the wedding with Li at the lead. Confusion sets in as Zero manages to grab Empress Tianzi as his hostage. Miles and miles away, Jeremiah sips on his wine.


I can’t begin to tell how much I’m excited about this episode. First, there’s the Lelouch x Schneizel chess rematch, and, even if Lelouch technically should’ve won the match, Schneizel still managed to humiliate him. Second, is Kaguya posing before Schneizel and Co. She’s so kawaii! There’s also Li and his loli love, Tianzi, being broken apart by Lelouch as he wedding crashes the entire ceremony and adds another female to his harem cast.