Code Geass R2 12

6 07 2008

“I can’t believe that Sayoko came up with such a tough schedule for brother, who has no stamina at all. And they were all dates. She’ll destroy his life.”
-Rolo Lamperouge

This is a very hilarious episode, so forgive me if I’ll make a shorter Code Geass R2 summary. ^_^;

Lelouch learns that he’ll be dating 108 girls in Ashford because Sayoko posed as a very *cough* accomodating Lelouch. Oh, and there’s a six month wait list to boot. Shirley gets pissed in the bath when she learns of Lelouch’ date list.

The next day, Lelouch squeezes 3 girls on his “date” schedule before going to Shanghai to sign a trade agreement. Oh yeah. Later that night, Shirley’s guarding Lelouch’ dorm’s front steps. Lelouch sneaks like the rat he is until Anya confronts him with his young Britannian picture, which Lelouch replies that she’s mistaken since he’s just a commoner. Gino and Rivalz join the fray and assault him with questions about underground chess gambling. Lelouch’ rabid fangirls spot him, and, well, you know what happens. Dear brother Rolo comments that it’s Sayoko’s fault since Onii-chan has no stamina at all. Shirley shoves Lelouch and asks an explenation for skipping their date. Lelouch tries bribing her with a dress before Milly shows up and announces “Cupid’s Day.” The game rules: The boys will wear a blue heart-shaped hat and the girls a pink one. The person who exchanges hats and puts them on will be forced to become a couple under Milly’s executive orders.

In Britannia, the Emperor’s brats are planning to invade China. The Knight of One, Bismarck reports everything to His Majesty. In some island’s secret base, Cornelia is seen slashing cult people.

Back in Area 11, Britannian HQ, Suzaku tells Gino that he won’t be able to go to Milly’s ceremony. Guilford instructs Suzaku to call Milly later since his present status as Nunnally’s advisor won’t last forever. Speaking of Nunnally, Area 11’s governor visits Kallen.

Back in the underground HQ in Ashford, Lelouch decides that his girl problems will end with Cupid’s day. He even considers having Viletta to take his hat but the latter rejects the idea. Also, as a side note, Lelouch doesn’t want to involve Shirley. Suzaku finally calls Milly before she begins the event. The three primary tagets by the school: wimpy Lelouch, manly Gino, and loli Anya. Milly pulls another trick from her sleeve by informing everyone that whoever grabs Lelouch’ hat and brings it to her will have their club budget increased tenfold. Now, Lelouch’ has fanboys to boot.

Rolo activates a school-wide geass to hide Lelouch in a closet. Somewhere, Cornelia points her sword at Bartley’s back. The latter asks the former to help them since the Emperor’s planning to use them for whatever sadistic plan he has. Gino playfully runs around the campus as three girls chase him. Miya steals Lelouch’ hat, but he uses his geass to get it back. Seriously, this geass type is very useful. Lelouch then exchanges places with Sayoko.

Sayoko runs amok, being chased around by the rugby team, chemistry club, fantasy seduction team (oho, now they know Lelouch is gay), and practically everyone. Rivalz even considers offering his best friend, Lulu, to get her heart. Even crazier, Anya uses Mordred to search for Lulu. Everyone in Area 11’s Britannian base panic when they learn this, thinking that the Black Knights have returned.

Anya spots Lulu and Shirley in the library and stretches Mordred’s hand. The real Lelouch saves Shirley as the fake one escapes. Viletta orders Anya not to use Mordred since it’s forbidden. Enter a dramatic moment for the Lelouch x Shirley pairing where they eventually replace hats.

Gino tells the police that these things happen in a commoner’s school. Milly informs them that she was getting impatient with Lulu and Shirley so she hatched this insane game. After her graduation, she becomes a weather woman. Lloyd’s proud of his ex-fiancee. Orenji-kun/ badass Jeremiah, uses his Geass Canceller to spot Lelouch but fails. Unfortunately, Shirley’s inside the Geass’ territory so as a result, she remembers the death of her father in the hands of Zero aka Lelouch.


Wacky episode. Oh, and the summary’s not that short. Sayoko’s a sadist, both mentally and physically. No sane person will have that cramped schedule. The emperor’s wacked up genes shows on his children. Tsk. I like Cornelia’s new ‘do. Lelouch’ is planning to steal Anya’s loli heart. Nuuuuuuu! And due to Orenji-kun’s Geass Canceller, Shirley remembers that Lelouch is Zero, AGAIN.