Code Geass R2 13

13 07 2008

“Lelou, you’ve been fighting all by yourself against this world so that’s why…I wanted…to become the one thing thruthful to you…I love you Lelou. Even when you killed my father…I couldn’t…bring myself to hate you. Even when you tried to make me forget everything…I still fell…in love with you again…Even when my memories were altered…I still fell in love again…No matter how many times I’m reborn…I’m sure I’ll…fall in love again with you again, Lelou…This…is fate, right? So, it’s okay, right, Lelou? That I fall in love with you when I’m reborn…No matter…how many times…I’ll fall…in love again…”
-Shirley Fenette

Shirley wakes up from a nightmare wherein every person takes off their masks and shows her their true selves. She then tells herself that Lelouch is Zero, the person who killed her father.

Lelouch leaves the Intelligence HQ in Ashford to check the status of Ikeburo. Before leaving, he tells Rolo he’ll help with his homework when he gets home. While in the train, Shirley remarks that everyone’s messed up. She doesn’t even know what’s true or false. In the train station, Lelouch supervises the geassed officers on his plan. In the other side of the building, Shirley bumps into Suzaku and tries fleeing, but the latter got hold of her. Lelouch arrives to see them. Apparently, the girl has called them both.

Back in Ashford, Orenji-kun defeats the geassed agents with ease and heads to Lelouch’s dormitory. Ninja-maid Sayoko faces Jeremiah, and gets surprised when she learns he has a robotic body. Rolo arrives as back-up and uses his geass. Jeremiah’s geass canceller takes care of that and Sayoko becomes a casualty. Viletta shows up and stops the fight. She tells Orange where Lelouch is.

Somewhere beneath an island, Bartley and Cornelia are strolling until big bad V.V. shows up. Cornelia throws dagger and kills the brat. V.V. regenerates to the surprise of Corneila.

On top of some building, Shirley cracks up and throws herself into the air. Luckily for her, Lelouch grabs her hand, and Suzaku grabs Lelouch’s leg. Fortunately for Lelouch, Suzaku’s a bastard athlete who can pull the duo up. Anyway, Shirley remarks after the incident that something like this has happened before. Hint: Arthur. Lelouch recieves a call from his agents and Shirley literally drags Suzaku with her to talk privately.

Lelouch activates the smoke system in the building once Jeremiah appears. Outside, Shirley asks Suzaku if he’s forgiven Lelouch already because she has. Moving on, Suzaku spearheads the police and the firemen when the building emits heavy smoke. He even orders the guards to protect Shirley, who gets away.

Orenji-kun catches up on Lelouch. The latter activates the Gefjun system hidden in the train compartment which disables Jeremiah’s sakuradite-powered body. Jeremiah, however, resists and keeps moving. Lelouch is astounded with Orenji’s loyalty to Britannia. Jeremiah asks him why he became Zero, and Lelouch replied he keywords: Nunnally and Marianne. Apparently, Jeremiah was one of Lelouch’s mom’s guards at the day of the incident. As a result of this, Jeremiah joins up with Lelouch’s band of rebels.

In the other part of the building, Rolo meets up with Shirley. The girl announces that she wants to help Lelouch and that she has regained her memory. Rolo get’s pissed when she tells him about Nunnally.

Lelouch sees the near-dead body of Shirley and tries using his geass to make her live. It doesn’t work anyway. Shirley finally confesses her troubles and love for Lelouch before dying.


This is a very heart-wrenching episode — NOT!!!

I’m not really a fan of the Lelouch x Shirley shipping if you all must know. And let’s face it: Shirley has her memories altered, regained some of them, altered again, and regained all in the end. If we continue this string of ludicrousness, we’ll have a ridiculous side plot continuing every time. It’s a brave move for the writers to kill Shirley. I mean, she won’t be of much use to Lelouch’s grand plan anyway.

ROFL at cyborg Orenji and ninja-maid Sayoko’s fight. The fans really got a hold of the writers’ necks on that one. Joking aside, Jeremiah becoming Lelouch’s ally came as a big surprise to me. If you weren’t, then most likely you’ve seen the picture books or major spoilers. Moving aside, Rolo’s a crazy bastard. Let’s hope he isn’t in the same room as Nunnally is. MAJOR LELOUCH CRY.

I really wish it won’t come to this, but I’ll be dropping Clannad as well. No offense, but now that I’ve got a mountain of school work, I can only blog Code Geass R2. Hope you all understand. And what’s with the pictures? I can’t seem to upload them properly.