Clannad 11

29 06 2008

“The day before yesterday, I saw a rabbit. Yesterday, it was a deer. Today, you.”
-Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi wakes up the eternally slumbering Okazaki with her violin’s sweet lullaby. She plays the violing again and everyone inside the classroom falls down. Kyou, Ryou, and Nagisa come to the rescue. Kotomi tells them that the music room students lent her the violin.

Okazaki arrives at the Theater clubroom only to hear a badly recited joke from Kotomi. Apparently, Kyou’s teaching her so that she won’t have the time to use her violin. While the trio girls are checking their theater props, Kotomi picks out a magic wand. Ryou tells her how to use it, and to their surprise, Kotomi chants an incantation from De Vermis Mysteris. Okazaki even imagines Kyou doing a magical girl transformation with the wand – which makes him laugh so hard Kyou wants to kill him.

Kotomi plays the violin again, which prompts the group to act fast. Kyou announces that Kotomi will have a recital soon so she should practice outside. Ryou and Nagisa follow her.

Walking home, Kyou asks Okazaki if he’ll date a girl who loved him so much. Okazaki tells her that even if he did, he’s a delinquent bum. Kyou replies that even delinquents are well-liked sometimes. Okazaki mentions Sunohara, which only makes her laugh.

On his way to Sunohara’s place the next day, Okazaki hears a very deadly melody. He arrives in the Library to see Kotomi practicing with her violin. Kotomi practices her joking skills, which Okazaki comments as lame. He later finds out that Kotomi’s an honorary library attendant, which answers why she has the Library’s keys. Fortunately for Okazaki, Kotomi made a bento for two, hoping that he would drop by. He comments that the food is great. Kotomi then announces her infamous line: “The day before yesterday, I saw a rabbit. Yesterday, it was a deer. Today, you.”

After the snack, since they were the only ones inside the library, Kotomi asks him if he’d – read a book with her. Okazaki falls alseep as Kotomi reads to him a story. Okazaki wakes up from a nightmare. Before splitting up, Kotomi tells Okazaki that she’s happy he showed up.

The next day, the group discussed project Violin Recital. A lot of people came; lots of them were blackmailed by Kyou to come. Once Kotomi plays the violin. . .100% K.O.

Nagisa congratulates Kotomi on their way home. Okazaki asks why they’re working so hard for her. Suddenly, a mysterious old man arrives and the group shield Kotomi away from him. Kotomi calls him the bad guy.


I Lol at Okazaki’s hilarious mind. I can never do that. Moving on, the last bit in the end of the ep marks the start of the seriousness in Kotomi’s story arc.


Clannad 10

29 06 2008

“. . .”
-Tomoyo Sakagami

The weird girl in the weird world brings the weird robot out into the fields. The doll/robot is wondering why there are beads of lights similar to fireflies floating up.

Okazaki bumps into Nagisa on his way to school. Kyou kills Tomoya with her motorbike; no, he’s still alive. Kyou points out that since the two are calling each other by first names, they could be dating. The lovebirds wonder when they’ve started calling each other by first names.

At school, Okazaki tricks Sunohara into meeting the genius girl, Kotomi. Sunohara got pissed since Kotomi completely ignored him. When Okazaki finally calls her as Kotomi-chan, she points out that he shouldn’t leave a mess, which Sunohara did earlier so she would notice him. Okazaki asks her if she’d join the Theater club.

Kotomi hides behind Okazaki as he introduces her to Nagisa. Apparently, she’s really shy and hates bullies. Okaazaki halts the two girls’ conversation since the two aren’t making any sense anymore. Okazaki accompanies Kotomi home, but they enter a bookshop first. He tells her off when she suddenly tries cutting a page with a pair of scissors.

The next day, he introduces Kotomi to the rest of his harem. Then end disastrously. Kotomi hugs Tomoyo, who’s in her bear costume, when Okazaki introduces her. Kotomi tells him she likes bears. Oh, and Sunohara gets kicked by the bear. Kawaii.

Kyou drops by and orders Okazaki to bring Kotomi and the gang to a nice place later. The group arrive at the theater club room. The four girls: Nagisa, Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi introduce themselves. And Okazaki shows her the primary example of a jab, by making fun of Kyou’s speech.

Kotomi walks out of the room when she hears a music being played. She sees the violin and asks if she could play it. All the people go down.


This is a nice intro on Kotomi’s arc. I’d be wary of her violin powers though.

Clannad 09

14 06 2008

“Since who knows when, the school has been abuzz with the rumors of the girl. How she’s innocent, earnest, and always running through the school. An image of such a girl. And since who knows when, everyone’s been waiting for the day the girl wakes up. I’m definitely one of them. And one day, that day will come.”
-Okazaki Tomoya

Tomoya and Nagisa accompany Fuko to school that night. Tomoya steals Fuko’s hat and the latter wrestles him for it. Fuko convinces Tomoya and Nagisa to call each other via first names. Enter furious moments of blushing and embarassment. Fuko then kisses the two on their cheeks because she likes them both. Tomoya later on reminds a happy Fuko-with-a-hat that the day after tomorrow’s the wedding.

Fuko starts a pre-celebration ceremony for her birthday and her sister’s wedding. Fuko finally succumbs to sleep. When Tomoya and Nagisa wake up, Fuko’s already gone, and they don’t even remember her.

Akio (Nagisa’s dad) gets angry at Tomoya for sleeping with her daughter. Side note: nothing happened. If you don’t believe me, read the first two paragraphs. His anger subsides when he remembers that his daughter told him she won’t be sleeping home because of something important. Later that morning – Nagisa shows Tomoya a wooden star.

Kyou invites Tomoya to go shopping with her and Ryou but Tomoya vaguely rejects the idea, remembering that there’s something he needed to do tomorrow. Tomoya and Nagisa put their heads together to find out what they’re forgetting. They ask Koumura-sensei, who’s busy making a banner for tomorrow’s wedding. Boom! Tomoya and Nagisa remember that Ibuki-sensei’s getting married. Koumora-sensei ends the discussion by saying that Ibuki-sensei’s younger sister must’ve told them. They finally see Fuko, who’s standing between them all along.

When they finally arrive to the wedding, the trio notice that they’re the only students who came. The wedding ends and the trio race outside. They’re surprised when they see the students; most of them remembered about the wedding that morning because of the starfish Fuko gave them.

Fuko tells Nagisa and Tomoya that every day was like a festival when she’s with them. Fuko gives her final thanks before vanishing. Tomoya tells Ibuki-sensei that one person made everything come true so she’d better have a great life for that person’s sake.

Ibuki-sensei finally sees Fuko, who gives her a wooden starfish before disappearing. Ibuki-sensei gives her thanks to Tomoya and Nagisa after the wedding. The group still remembers the starfish later on. The episode ends with Tomoya dreaming of the girl, who gives hims a wooden starfish and asks him to be her friend.


Fuko’s arc finally ends. I’m happy with the ending, if a bit confused. Basically, I’ve watched episodes 10+ before this one, so it came as a shock when I’m about to write the summary. I mean, since I’ve accidentally skipped this ep, I thought Tomoya and Co., forgot about Fuko. Anyway, this is still a great story ender for me.

Clannad 08

9 06 2008

“I can’t see Fuko-chan!”
-Sanae Furukawa

Nagisa notices Tomoya acting strangely. More importantly, Nagisa informs the group that Ibuki-sensei’s wedding will be next week.

Later, every person except Tomoya and Nagisa can’t see Fuko. Tomoyo remembers a girl giving her the wooden starfish but she can’t see Fuko, who’s standing in front of her. Mitsui, Fuko’s friend, thinks Tomoya and Nagisa are playing a prank on her when she obviously can’t remember Fuko giving her the starfish.

Nagisa cries later that night because she believes she’ll also forget about Fuko. Tomoya invites the landlady to Ibuki-sensei’s wedding. Tomoya and Sunohara enter a serious discussion. Sunohara tells him that he will visit Fuko in the hospital.

The next day, Sunohara comes to school forgetting about Fuko completely. Even the Fujibayashi sisters forgot about Fuko. Later on, the trio (Tomoya, Nagisa, and Fuko) try to make Sunohara remember Fuko. It ends with an emo Sunohara leaving.

After school, Tomoya and Nagisa accompany Fuko in buying a present for her. They buy a birthday party set that Fuko loves. Once they arrive back at Nagisa’s home, they notice that Nagisa’s dad can’t see Fuko anymore. Nagisa’s mom greets the three students – until she tells them she also can’t see Fuko anymore. She’d accidentally seen Fuko in the hosital that day.

In the end, Tomoya invites Fuko to his home because of the incident.


This is a really melancholic episode for the series. The number of people unable to see Fuko’s increasing every minute. I wonder who’ll be the very last person who will be able to see Fuko: Tomoya or Nagisa?

Really late…

4 06 2008

This update’s really late, if you know what I mean. I continually¬† criticized my Remake video, which took a lot of my time.

Anyway, I heard a rumor that next week, Code Geass R2 might be a one-hour special. Keeps your fingers crossed. XD

Anyway, I’ll continue to blog Soul Eater and Clannad once I get the recent episodes. Being in college also steals a lot of my time. >_>;


Clannad 05

27 05 2008

“They’re starfish.”
–Ibuki Fuko

Tomoya and Nagisa decides to talk with Ibuki sensei to confirm if the girl Fuko really is her sister. They asks Fuko to come with them but she declines the offer. Tomoya thinks that she’s suspicious and he talks about it with Nagisa on their way to Ibuki-sensei’s house. When they do arrive at her Ibuki-sensei’s home, Tomoya remembers that she’s the lady who visited the bakery the other day. He also learns that Nagisa and Ibuki-sensei know each other. Ibuki-sensei casually asks Nagisa if he’s her boyfriend, prompting the latter to be defensive and such. Amazingly, Tomoya gets to share his boring and uneventful lovelife. Nagisa gets teased, prompting her to change the topic to Ibuki-sensei’s coming marriage. The latter asks them where they heard this, adding that the only person who knows of it is her sister who’s currently in deep sleep (not dead, maybe a coma). The two tell her they heard the rumor at school. Later, Tomoya and Nagisa seriously talk about the matter. Both decide to help Fuko.

So the duo drags Fuko into Nagisa’s home and asks the parents to let Fuko stay with them. Fuko introduces herself as Isogai Fuko, using the name of Nagisa’s neighbor. Tomoya manages to hush everything up though so Nagisa’s parents agree.

Tomoya returns to his dorm only to witness a barrage of rugby players passing him. Apparently, the male populace went to peek in the girl’s dormitory. Tomoya advices the landlady to chastise the perverts via joint lock. Sunohara appears and greets Tomoya. The latter calls him a peeping tom and that’s when the landlady gives out her “divine punishment.” Back in their room, Tomoya informs Sunohara that they won’t be doing anything for the club at the moment. Instead, they will be focusing thir attention on the “ghost” girl.Tomoya returns to the bakery the next morning to find it deserted. Tomoya climbs up the stairs and sees Nagisa’s family working on the table. Wooden stars are scattered on the floor. The parents go back to the bakery and Nagisa starts to prepare for school. Tomoya remarks that the floor looks like a starry sky. That’s when Fuko tells him they aren’t stars but starfish. Even Fuko adds that the starfish Fuko made are cute.

At school, Fuko distributes the “presents” to each student passing by. Tomoya asks her if she wants to see her sister but the latter wonders if Ibuki-sensei will hear her. That’s when she explains her present condition. They go to the “smaller” library to hand a present to Miyazawa. Tomoya gets into another argument with Fuko. Nagisa hugs Fuko and sends her to dreamland. Tomoya asks Ryou a favor — another prank aimed at Fuko. Kyou sees this and grabs Tomoya and shakes him. Fuko, on the other hand, wonders why there are many Tomoyas.

Fuko hands the Fujibayashi twins the “presents” and asks them to pose. Some weird fetish of Fuko. Tomoya silently describes Kyou as a gorilla, which results in the former getting hit with a starfish. Later, they meet one of Fuko’s former acquaintance (a third year) who rejects the present emphasizing that third years have more important priorities.

Fuko becomes sad. To cheer her up, Tomoya decides to make up a class composed of Nagisa, the Fujibayashi sisters, Sunohara, Fuko, and himself. Sanae becomes their would-be teacher. The group tries to raise Fuko’s spirit.


It’s great episode all-in-all. It’s fun seeing the whole cast trying to help Fuko. I mean, they’re like true friends, and Fuko’s not the sort who makes friends easily

Clannad 04

27 05 2008

“I was thinking that I was acting like a normal girl at this school.”
–Tomoyo Sakagami

Nagisa explains the problem to Tomoya. Apparently, since th theater club is closed, there shouldn’t be any club activities, therefore, the two can’t put recruitment fliers. Sunohara, unseen, hears everything.

Sunohara asks Tomoya if he’s flirting with Nagisa. To evade the question, Tomoya replies that her family runs a bakery and if he’s on her good side, he can have all the bread he wants. Afterwards, he tells Sunohara to plan his revenge on Sakagami Tomoyo.

The duo meet up with Tomoyo again. Sunohara exclaims he’s forgotten his breast (what an idiot) at home and asks Tomoyo to lend him hers, in which she defensively asks him why. [He fell for it scene again]. Sunohara believes Tomoyo’s breasts are detachable — and gets 840 kick hits in return.

As the two walk down after the predictable battle, the wooden star girl arrives, calls him and Sunohara weird, then asks the weird person to follow her. She gets surprised when he sees Sunohara following her. She calls him “Weird” hair, and Tomoya’s entire existence weird. Sunohara holds back his anger and leaves. The girl asks Tomoya if he has something to say to her in which Tomoya imitates a boxer and hits the air in front of the girl, who blocks and calls him the worst. Then she reminds him of the “present” she gave him in which he thanks her. She then explains that her older sister’s getting married soon and that he should attend it because he accepted the gift. The girl adds that her sister was an art teacher in their school three years ago and that she’s distributing the presents so that the students will celebrate her sister’s wedding. Mid-sentence in saying the “present” she gives as cute, she suddenly goes to dreamland, prompting Tomoya to stick the straw of his juice up her nose. He didn’t get to squeeze the juice out because the girl returned to reality. Tomoya explains why students won’t be able to go to her sis’ wedding but the girl still insists on working.

Later that day, Tomoya and Sunohara again harass Tomoyo, who instinctively kicks Sunohara. Sunohara asks Tomoyo to walk with him and the latter agrees. Until she finds out she’s in the men’s bathroom and she gave “all hell unleashed” on Sunohara. Furious, she tells Tomoya off (Sunohara’s offscreen by the way and probably half dead on the tree). Tomoya remarks that Sunohara thinks she’s a guy. Tomoyo’ shocked because she thinks she’s acting like a perfectly normal girls like the others.

At the clubroom, Nagisa and Tomoya discuss their current predicament. And that’s when Sunohara shows up, befriends the group, and gets killed by Nagisa’s attack. No, that’s only Tomoya’s mind at work. The three plan to abduct Ryou, who knows a lot about club rules and policies.Ryou gets surprised when she sees Nagisa. Ryou thinks Nagisa will propose to her. A whole moment of “yuriness” ensue, making Sunohara nosebleed (okay, nose-steam) — until Nagisa asks Ryou if she’ll…help her in reforming the theater club, in which Kyou falls down the door, obviously eavesdropping. Kyou headlocks both Sunohara and Tomoya, and later gets an explanation from them.

Later at the dorm, the duo talk about not becoming a member of the theater club. Tomoya subtly implies that Sunohara won’t get those delicious bread if he doesn’t help Nagisa.

Homerun! What’s this…Sunohara’s harassing Tomoyo three times in this episode! Anyway, Sunohara tries flirting with Tomoyo while under Tomoya’s assistance. And, well, a mindless slave such as Sunohara does every ridiculous thing Tomoya advices him to do. That’s when he gets kicked by Tomoyo, then chain-combo’d by Tomoya back to Tomoyo, who kicks Sunohara an additional hundred times. Tomoya tries inviting her to the theater club but she declines the offer.

Later, at the library, he tries recuiting the genius, Kotomi-chan and will drop by again to hear her reply. Nagisa and Tomoya talk about the work (recruitment) they just did. That’s when Tomoya got a sudden idea. They try recruiting the “star” girl and learns her name’s Ibuki Fuko.


Fuko’s arc starts here. I’m still amazed that Sunohara got beaten thrice in this ep. He surely deserves all the beatings he recieved.