Haruhi video madness.

14 06 2008

So I’ve been real busy in college. Anyone will agree with me. I’ve been running all around the different buildings every time and I believe I’ll downgrade a subject even before we’ve really started.

However, that won’t stop me from updating this blog. I can count only a few reasons for me not updating, and I won’t tell them.

The first video is the Hare Hare Yukai dance by Kyon and Itsuki, only in their genderbent forms. Tasty.

The next video’s Lucky Star’s op video hacked by the SOS Brigade. Yep. Shame I didn’t finish the other half of the series (Lucky Star).


Filipino Fandub anime ops

5 06 2008

I’m a Filipino, if you all must know. ^^

And I’m proud of being one – although I’m a rabid otaku.

This is Gundam 00’s first op song, Daybreak’s Bell.

And this one’s Ouran’s op song, Sakura Kiss.

Enjoy. I might’ve added Ash Like Snow fandub but the singer wasn’t as good as these two in my opinion. ^^

Code Geass R2 – Ash Like Snow – Alternate Op.

2 06 2008

That’s right, fellas. The reason I haven’t updated the blog is that I’ve “re-created” my old Code Geass – Ash Like Snow video.

Anyway, I hope you guys comment on youtube itself. Eternal thanks. Criticisms are appreciated. Just not the too critical one. ^_6

Code Geass – Path of Regret

30 05 2008

Just so while we’re in the topic of Code Geass, I figured I’d put this because it’s an awesome AMV for season 1. Anyone seen it yet?